Top Ten Excuses Women Use To Avoid Men

November 8, 2009

I’m so tired of my desperate loser friends thinking they have a shot with women they don’t. It’s just pathetic to see a man trying to prove himself to a woman over and over to no avail. They are like dogs waiting for crumbs to drop from the table. Guys!!! Get a grip!!! Women don’t want men that want them plus it’s just a woman. Yes they can have babies but they are not on this planet to be worshiped. Men in this country have been taught to worship women hoping that it leads to sex. What they don’t realize is that when you seek only sex you never see everything else some women have to offer plus chasing women almost never works. Women want men that don’t need them….period.

10) She answers the phone and hangs up when you call as if her phone has a problem. This is pretty obvious and also pretty rude but it happens a LOT!!!

9) She gave you the wrong number…………on purpose!!! Get a clue man.

8) She’s always hanging out with “other” friends. That means you are NOT a friend and she doesn’t want you to be.

7) She says she has to take another call when the other line hasn’t even rung from call waiting. Take a hike dude!!! She just made that up.

6) Either she or one of her close relatives is sick. Starting to get the picture now? Women don’t even need to use the period excuse anymore.

5) She changes her phone number and doesn’t offer it to you. She changed it because of you moron!!!

4) She was drunk and doesn’t remember you.

3) She has to get up early the next morning. I thought that was one of our excuses? Women are stealing our excuses!!!

2) She tells you she’s gay or a bisexual that prefers women.

1) She repeatedly promises to call you back but never does. What else could you possibly need to hear other than “Drop dead!!!”. The only reason you’re still in her phone is so she knows not to answer when you call LOSER!!!

Hopefully all of the desperate male losers out there will heed these warnings and just make yourself permanently scarce when the woman starts using them on you because you are a hair away from becoming a stalker. Trust me, you don’t want a woman that really doesn’t want you anyway because that means she’s probably using you for something else. When it’s over you’re likely broke and will still have no girlfriend. It ain’t easy getting a girlfriend when you’re broke either.

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