Feminism is Misogyny, Misandry and Depopulation

October 25, 2009

When women hear the term feminism they envision white males in board rooms making decisions that negatively impact their lives or being excluded from corporate America in general or construction workers cat-calling them as they walk by in a sexy outfit or even just being underpaid by their white male counterparts for the same job. (Black men do NOT make those decisions!!!). Those are all valid concerns from a society supposedly based on equality. The problem with it is that men and women can never be equal because we are inherently different as beings. Men and women are designed to complement each other other by our very nature, not be replacements and substitutes for each other. It takes a man and a woman to reproduce. It doesn’t matter how science can take an egg and a sperm and artificially fertilize it. The premise remains the same. Science and technology are destroying our basic humanity and turning everything into for profit business.


Since women have this built-in defensiveness when feminism is brought up it often precludes discussion of the real issues. Feminism is not feminism. When modern feminists say feminism they mean that women should be the complete equal of men in every way: on the job, at home with the kids, socially, sexually, emotionally, etc. That is not true feminism. It is gender neutrality aimed at creating more drones for corporate profit and consumption. True feminism recognizes and embraces the differences between the sexes. It only seeks to provide equal rights for women in a society of white male patriarchy. It seeks equal pay for women for the same work. It does not seek to destroy the family by turning women into unfeeling, objectified automatons like gender neutrality does. It does not deny our basic nature. False feminism is social engineering designed to undermine the family, which is the basic unit of societal stability and morality. It is also the one mechanism through which humanity can take back what the elite and their corporations have taken from us. They know this so they had to attack it. The family had to be destroyed. Women had to be confused, misled and objectified because without women, men are nothing.


Now what do we have in America? a plague of angry, lonely, bitter women. Why? Because feminism has convinced them to ignore and suppress their natural instincts as child bearers, caregivers and nurturers. Men are also unhappy because women do not need us as providers and protectors so we have been emasculated. That was the true intention of the feminist movement in America, not to liberate women from oppression but to liberate them from their womanhood. The natural instincts of women are not inferior to those of men. They are just different and complementary. Men are the hunters and women are the gatherers. Men are the providers and women are the nurturers. We are barely out of the jungle as a species on this planet and no one knows where evolution may take us one day but this technocracy that seeks to neutralize gender for control and profit is stunting the process of evolution. We are fighting everything that makes us human in an effort to conform to the propaganda from the media that is overwhelming our innate sense of self.

Yes, there are some women that want to work right along side men in cutthroat corporate careers where they can pursue money and validation. That is fine for them as long as it is what they really want and they are not trying to live up to the myth of false feminism as real feminism. Perhaps tomboys are naturally inclined to such behavior. Either way, sexism is still a huge problem in this country that needs to be addressed but what has happened is that women have become distracted by trying to become the equal of men which in effect is more sexist to themselves than anything men could ever do. Women are objectifying themselves now as strippers. Girls Gone Wild, pornography and the like. It’s not just those glaring examples either. Women approach men as if the only thing they have to offer men is a nice rack and a tight ass. Women have almost completely stopped cultivating nurturing, caring, loving personalities and environments that men need to make long term commitments to them. Men want to protect women and take care of their families. That doesn’t make women weak or dependent. It makes a family and that is what the elite fear. It is the only weapon we have against them and they know it.


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  2. What a crock most of this is. Why would a man want a woman who so desperately needs a man, any man, to support her??? Would you trust a woman who can’t make it on her own & therefore picks anyone who comes along to support her? Another blame the woman for being an individual because a man can’t handle it.

  3. This article makes me sick. Women may very well be different from men and feminism in know way deny that fact. Feminists fight to equalize men and women because we are all human beings and deserve to be treated as such. Maybe you should do a little more research of what feminists fight for before you right an article about it. For example feminists got women the right to vote, helped close the wage gap, allow women to make decisions about when they wish to have children and help to raise awareness against domestic violence. I can’t see how any of those things “seek to destroy the family by turning women into unfeeling, objectified automatons like gender neutrality does.” If you wish to better your comprehension of feminism I would recommend reading books like “Full Frontal Feminism” or “Manifesta.”

    • You’re entitled to your opinion as am I although I’m sure you’d rather cut my tongue off and have Bruce Lee beat the hell out of me.

  4. I agree, as a man I no longer find women who are nurturing and sensitive, which would be an ideal partner for me to want to have a family. Women are more aggressive, as some men are, when it comes to approaching men themselves. I find that to be such a turn off because they come across as if they are taking on the male’s role in courting.

    Yes, the “powers that be” are profitting from destroying the image of a real family but they not only have been brainwashing women and making them despie the male figure, they have also been conditioning men to believe that women are more powerful. Women these days struggle to find a good man because, thanks to this social process, they mainly run into wimps. They later on hate them for being so weak bringing divorce upon themselves and leaving their children fatherless only to rear another generation of spineless wimps. Way to go, America!!!

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