Obama Listens Only To The Zionists

October 20, 2009

Obama was selected by the Zionists to be president and now he takes his orders from the Zionists. Our votes do not count for anything. They never have. We have always lived in the matrix in this country so why do people keep wondering why Obama isn’t doing the right thing? It’s not his decision is why. He is a puppet. Just because he has a voice of gravitas doesn’t mean anything except to superficial, dumbed-down Americans who are too ignorant and lazy to understand or care about the real issues which stem from the psychopathy of the elite.

Black people blinded by race loyalty to Obama are being completely hypocritical because that is the exact same thing we always accuse whites of doing to us in this anti-black society. How much longer are black people going to wait for Obama to take positive action for our community? He has been in office for nearly an a fifth of his term already and what do we have? spiraling unemployment, bank bailouts for the super-rich, escalating wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and now possibly Iran, continuing genocide in Palestine and Columbia with our sites on Venezuela’s natural resources. Face it folks. He lied and you bought it. This is your fault. I voted for Nader and you should have too (or Cynthia McKinney with the Green Party).

When you commit the crime you must do the time. Our crime was our collective dereliction of civic duty. Now we are about to get a big, fat dose of time and it’s going to be painful in this historically spoiled country. So wave your flags with false, obligatory pride. Pretty soon they’re going to double as clothing and heating when we’re all penniless and unable to afford anything.

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