Jewish Racism > White Racism

October 20, 2009

Black people get a double whammy of racism in America. In fact we get it worldwide. First of all no one hates black people more than the Jewish elite. They financed the ships used to make slavery possible. Once slavery was abolished they started the eugenics movement which is still alive today in many forms including Planned Parenthood. Most of the country is owned and run by Jewish people. You need merely look at the leadership of the Fortune 500 companies which is posted on all of their web sites. Jewish people are taught via the Talmud that black people are cursed by Ham in the Bible. Maimonides wrote this lie into what became the Christian Bible and white people lapped it up.

Not only do blacks have to deal with the structural and institutional racism now because of historical oppression based on Jewish lies but we also have had to deal with deluded whites who really believe that white skin makes them superior. These are the everyday racists that we have to deal with at work and in our communities. They are the police. They are the doctors, lawyers, school teachers, etc. Most of these people, liberal included, have at least a tacit acceptance of white supremacy. That belief system is translated directly into how blacks are treated and mostly mistreated. Would white racism have risen to the level it once was without Jewish intervention? No way.

If you look back over the history of the slave trade it is rife with references to the Dutch, the Spanish, the Portuguese and other Europeans. Where is the reference to Jewish people? You won’t find it because the Jewish elite control the wordspeak of reality and history through control of the US government via corporations. These so-called financiers of capital from the mid 1600s through the mid-1800s were mostly Jews. They just never mention or teach that because they know it would anger black people. It would also harken the cry for reparations since Jews received and are still receiving reparations for an exaggerated holocaust that was largely orchestrated by the Jewish elite themselves. Of course the people that profited the most from slavery are not going to support reparations. They are too busy enjoying their ill-gotten booty.

People around the world, including poor and middle class Jews, are going to have realize that Zionism and Talmudic Judaism are pure evil. The Zionists operate from a position of vengeance. It doesn’t even matter whether the Holocaust really happened or not because they are operating from a position that every Gentile on the planet should pay for their suffering, real or imagined. Anglo-Saxons have been merely a tool toward the Zionist objective, just like many of the Zionists are a tool toward the objective of the global elite like the Rockefellers, the progenitors of eugenics, and the Rothschilds who basically own and run the international banking cartel that has us all enslaved and most of us impoverished.

There are some good Jewish people out there but they are being drowned out by the din of the Zionists. Humanity should just abolish all religion and end all of this but Zionism is no longer a religion. It is a political movement. Good Judaism is all but dead, having been replaced by the Talmud and Judeo-Christianity, lies on top of more lies. The Jewish elite may hate blacks the most but they also hate Anglo-Saxons. All Gentiles are lumped into the same category of expendable. Our fates will be the same. When it comes down to it it is not about race or religion. It is about the haves and the have-nots. It is about these ancient families and their bloodlines. It is about them surviving and the rest of us dying.

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