Dread Being Locked Up? Try Dreadlocks……

October 12, 2009

The thug image created and perpetuated by the Jewish media of dark-skinned young black males with grills, boots, sportswear, gold chains and baggy jeans obviously has an effect on who the police choose to arrest these days.  The same media also has an effect on young black males who choose to adopt this appearance to appeal to women and appear like a baller, a rapper, a drug dealer or someone else who is full of self-importance. Take a look at any local eleven o’clock newscast and you will see these same images splattered all over the country. I used to wear dreadlocks but after the second time I decided I would never grow them again. The simple truth of the matter is that I don’t need the trouble. There are just as many women that hate men with dreadlocks as there are that love them. Yes, white women usually love dreadlocks because it fits the gangsta rapper images they see on BET. Some white women just feel like it sets real thugs apart from the phony ones but once again reality trumps percpetion. Either way, dreadlocks in America can contribute to you going to jail or prison and being assaulted by the police. It definitely contributes to racial profiling and if you actually do commit a crime on top of it, meaning you break the laws that whites have instituted regardless of any moral issues, your sentence will be longer and maximum mandatory in all likelihood.

White people don’t see dreadlocks the way Rastafarians intended them, not that I’m an expert. Many whites view it simply as a sign of marijuana because Bob Marley had them and used to smoke a lot. White people always adopt the most simplistic views of black people because in their minds we are not worthy of any in-depth analysis or individuation. They are afraid to look deeper because if they ever did take a good long look they would see some very  scary things they are unprepared to handle emotionally. In America, dreadlocks are mostly a fashion statement to black people. For Rastas it signifies a way of life. I’ll bet most whites have never heard of “ital” or “Halie Selassie”. Whites are into symbols, not substance. That is how the elite control them.

When I had dreads white men and women alike would frequently accost me for drugs. They didn’t even really care what kind: weed, pills, crack, cocaine. Anything would do them just fine but of course white people love drugs more than black are even capable of. The current prescription drug abuse epidemic is a testament to this fact. White people are drowning themselves in ecstasy, Oxycontin, Xanax, Adderol, Percocet, Vicodin, hydrocodone and the like. Second, white people associate dreads with gangs and violence. I remember an old Steven Seagal movie called “Prey for Death” where he killed a bunch of dark-skinned Rastas who were part of a drug-running gang ruining a community. That is what white people think when they see dreadlocks. They think of reggae too of course but white people as a whole have only three ways of dealing with blacks: violently, sexually or apathetically. That is the gamut of the white response to black existence and condition.

So we should not be surprised that police behave more violently toward blacks with dreadlocks even though the reasons behind it do not excuse it. Hair is just hair in reality but in America it is symbolism and metaphor that matter most. White people have constructed a world of metaphors to reinforce their racist ideology rooted in childhood psychological trauma. It is akin to pushing someone off a cliff and then blaming gravity. The only cause for the effect of black suffering in most whites’ minds is contrived black depravity. So what if  poor people always commit a larger percentage of petty crimes, regardless of race? That doesn’t matter to whites. The cause if always 100% us and 0% them. That way they can assuage their own guilt and continue abstracting and splitting their childhood anal fantasies into metaphors that have a real and substantial negative impact on the lives of colored peoples worldwide, but especially blacks because we are the shit, the crap, the filth, the feces, the excrement that must be expunged and purified via their capitalism and technocracy. We are the vent for the repressed agony of their maternal separation. We are the father and the son of their Oedipal complex. They are the son that wants to destroy the father for sleeping with the mother. They are the father that wants to destroy the son and keep him in an infantile state lest he be supplanted as the head of the family.

All I’m saying is that white people have constructed plenty of false reasons to hate black people. They are coming up with new ones every day like the whole Vick dogfighting debacle. We don’t need to add more fuel to their psychotic fire. There is nothing wrong with wearing natural hairstyles and black people have the right to wear our hair any way we choose. However we should also know that there may be ramifications and negative consequences from these choices because white people are mentally ill when it comes to skin pigmentation. The prognosis is not good.

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