Obamacon: The Race Decoy of Division and Distraction

October 4, 2009

The elite hate unity, except of course for their own against us. They saw Americans starting to unite against them during the most corrupt administration in history under Bush and Cheney. They made Nixon look like Mother Theresa. This unprecedented level of blatant and outright corruption and malfeasance had the effect of producing a galvanization across races, religions, sexes, classes, etc. It had to be stifled before it transformed into something more meaningful and far-reaching that actually could challenge the power of the elite.

Enter Barack Hussein Obama out of virtually nowhere, a junior Senator from Chicago who was made by the Jewish community there. The Jewish elite know how to control white people, especially white men. They know how to push their buttons. They know, given a particular stimulus, exactly how white men of all classes will react to it. The stimulus of race is their most potent weapon. The myth of race is how this country was founded and stolen. It does not exist except in the minds of those enslaved by it, including whites.

We saw the racial division growing during the campaign as so-called liberal women began to support Hillary for mostly racial reasons, although they had a list of false reasons a mile long. The elite’s plan came to its fruition upon the (s)election of Obama as America’s first brown president. That’s right………brown president. The elite have studied the childhood psychoses of white males and knew exactly how the different classes of them would react to a brown man in a position of historical white authority.

White men still run everything but it doesn’t matter to poor whites and many from the middle class because the brownness is a metaphor that becomes abstracted when released from the subconscious. The symbol of darkness, filth, impurity, dirt and excrement forever lurks in the minds of white men as they continuously seek to sublimate the agony of maternal separation during the Freudian anal phase. Its root cause is improper toilet training no less. White males will always react either with violence or aversion towards brown people when these anal metaphors are brought to the surface.

So here we go again…….driven by the conundrum of race to the point where nothing else matters. In my home state of North Carolina Obama just barely won but only because so many blacks and Latinos voted. Only 35% of whites actually voted for Obama. That speaks volumes. As long as the white masses allow the elite to manipulate them by taking advantage of childhood psychological issues America can never move past race. All we can do is pretend it doesn’t exist. All we can do is becomes slaves to corporations who do not care about the color of anything except money. I fear that day is upon us.

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