The Case Against Patriarchy

October 3, 2009

Most Christians believe that God created woman from man but that is only because most religions are patriarchal. It doesn’t make sense that the gender that can have babies came second. Think about it. How could there be a man if there was no woman to have him? Of course Christianity says that another man, albeit a supernatural and omnipotent one, created man and then made Eve with a rib from Adam’s side. Really? All it took was a rib to make a whole woman? I’m heading to the grocery store now then.

Women have two X chromosomes. Men have an X and a Y. Since we know women had to come first where did the Y chromosome come from? Was it some type of recessive trait or gene? If so how did we end up with so many men on the planet? (although women still outnumber us by hundreds of millions.) Is it because men favored male heirs over time and killed many of the female babies? I doubt it because Africa and Asia have had many civilizations that we matriarchal in nature.

Did evolution separate us from a unisex species into two? If we were a unisex species did that mean everyone had a penis and a vagina? It would have to in my opinion because someone had to fertilize the women and if there is only one sex then they each must have female and male reproductive systems. Why would mother nature bifurcate us sexually? I’m thinking that the more masculine unisex members lost their vaginas over time and became men because of elevated testosterone levels. The more feminine unisex members lost their penises and became women. Maybe that’s why there are so many feminine men aka metro-sexuals and masculine women aka tomboys. I think humans have an inner longing to return to their oneness.

Gender seems like a big deal now but it really serves no purpose anymore if you think about it. Our society is becoming more and more gender-neutral. We can create babies in all sorts of alternative ways. Women no longer rely on male physical strength for hunting and men no longer rely on women as gatherers. Our tribal, instinctive roles have been subverted by technology stemming from white racism and the need to abstract everything for the sake of mental purification. Maybe it is this separation from our mothers during childhood that is the source of human anguish in general.

There was a recent study that confirmed men are slowly evolving into women again and it is being attributed to the thousands of toxins men, and women, are exposed to constantly many of which come from plastics. Male sperm levels are down and steadily decreasing. There seem to be gays and transgendered people everywhere, although that may be attributed solely to cultural factors, social engineering and just “coming out of the closet”. Maybe mother nature has realized a gendered species is no longer useful because machines have taken over our former roles. Maybe there is no gay agenda intent upon destroying the family so that we are easier to control by the elite. Maybe humans are just returning to a unisex species. Maybe the elite are engineering this to happen so that they will not have to battle men and world domination by force will be much easier for them. Either way something very strange and surreptitious is happening to mankind or should I say womankind?

Penis envy? I don’t think so. Women don’t envy the male penis. Perhaps it really is about castration anxiety and men fearing that they will become women without their penises. See what happens when man plays God? We always get it wrong.

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