Yom Kippur – Jewish Day of Atonement?

September 30, 2009

Monday was the final day of Yom Kippur, the most religious holiday for Jewish people. It is also their day of atonement. If that is the case then why are they not atoning for Mossad’s  crime of mass murder on 9/11 against the American people?  I realize that some Jews know the truth and oppose these monsters and genetic defects of humanity. What I don’t understand or forgive is people who know the truth and do not speak out against this and many other atrocities committed in their name.


It is no different from white racism in many aspects except Zionism is also racism against Anglo Saxons. It is racism against anyone that is not Jewish or at least not part of this secret global cabal that is largely Jewish. To them Judaism is just a way of masking their hatred for Gentiles. Many white Gentiles know that white racism exists and that it negatively impacts the lives of African people worldwide. They know it’s wrong but they do not speak out against it either. They love white privilege and even though they wish they had more of it in some financial fashion they do not want to lose what they have either.

The end result is the continued suffering, death and oppression of billions of people based on skin color or being born in the wrong country. They distance themselves from the human factor and the media helps them do it. No one sees the actual carnage, not that it would matter that much in a country as violent as this one where the media has desensitized most people to everything. We bomb people from afar and then the media whitewashes all of it from our sight and conscience. Out of sight, out of mind. We know it’s going on but we pretend it isn’t since we never actually saw it. Honestly I don’t think Americans would give a damn even if they did see it to tell the truth.

If Jews want to reaffirm Judaism and condemn Zionism and the Zionist interpretation of Talmudic Judaism then they should do so loudly and frequently. I don’t hear it, not from enough of them. Like most Americans who continue to worship false capitalism and democracy most Jews continue to worship false Judaism. That leaves us at the mercy of the elite, whether Jewish, white, black or whatever. Mossad did 9/11. There is no doubt in any rational man’s mind. They should be charged according to the law and punished for their crimes but they won’t be. Corporations rule the world. The unemployed are just trying to survive. Employed Americans are working 80 hour weeks trying to keep Indians and Latinos from taking theirs. This is the end game.

I find it humorous how Yom Kippur discourages eating and driving on those days when in fact the Jewish elite have condemned hundreds of millions to starvation all over the world. Maybe since driving is seen as socially unacceptable on that day they are all flying planes into buildings instead. Eventually silence becomes betrayal.

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