Most White Women Only Want Sex

September 28, 2009

White women should never be trusted by black men (or anyone for that matter). White men know it best. Yes white women have an animal, anal attraction to black men from being denied the black phallus by white men for centuries under the threat of financial ruination but white women have always found a way to bang us on the side because they want black men more than black men want them. White men know this which is why they are always on guard especially when their women get drunk or high. Black men are not so much on the DL with other gay men as they are with white women who want some mandingo on the side to feel alive while preserving their false life of materialism that leaves them feeling empty and snorting oxycontin all day as desperate housewives. Brothers are more than willing to fill that void, pun intended.

Black men also have an animal attraction to white women but let us not mistake it for love or real relationships. It is the attraction of the taboo only. We’re not supposed to do it because of white supremacy so it makes us horny. White women pretend that massuh is going to catch them and beat them and black men use it as an expression of power and revenge in a world dominated by white men in every way except sexually and genetically. Black men don’t love white women and white people are not capable of love. What black men, and all men, do love is freaky sex and white women do it better than black women. Latinas and Asians still give them a run for their money.

In a consumer society the only thing that matters is money. That means humans have to repress our true desires in exchange for wealth and privilege. White women want it both ways though. They desire black men too much so they routinely jeopardize their material wealth by having sex with black men on the side. Black men are so tortured and oppressed by not only white men but other black people that we turn to the flesh for false affection and validation of our manhood. White women are more than willing to accommodate us. They have the same anal complex that white men have. They are fascinated and intrigued by the darkness, the filth, the impurity and the excrement. They don’t realize the psychology of it all because like Freud proved it is all subconscious. Of course there are a few white women who have never had any real wealth so they have nothing to lose by “betraying” their white men so they jump headlong into relationships outside of their race and even marry black men. They figure that if they are going to be broke they may as well be broke with a black man and at least have the freaky, forbidden sex.

Ultimately white women can be bought and black men have no business throwing our repressed historical greatness to the lions and wolves. We definitely should not waste money on women that want us more than we want them. That’s like buying a car and asking the dealership to pay for it. When a black man falls, not in love with a white woman, but in lust with her freaky sex which is unavailable from most black women he has basically sold his soul to the devil. At that point you become useless in the freedom struggle. I’m not saying don’t have sex with white women. I’m saying ONLY have sex with white women.

No, most black women do not swallow or take facials. No, most black women do not take it up the ass. No most black women will not have a threesome or a gangbang with your buddies but white women will, especially after drinking or taking prescription pain pills. I used to worship white women from the media brainwashing we receive from childhood. They seemed more feminine and dainty until I met plenty that were not. White women are opportunists plain and simple. They want white money and black dick, not one or the other. Once you know that then you know that love can never blossom from something so shallow, selfish and adulterated. The sexual attraction between black men and white women is nothing more than a side effect of white male racism which resulted in the socioeconomic emasculation of black men and the metaphorical purification of white women.

Use them. Abuse them. Refuse them. But never get the blues over them. Never go on a cruise with them. Never try to woo them. Better yet to sue them. Make them pay their dues. It’s all about hues with them. Find the clues and spread the news.


  1. Well like everyone else you do have an asshole. I bean my attraction to Black guys way back in high school. It was far more for me that It was way different than what I grew up around. I married and born my black man several children. It is not a TABOO nor an animalistic attraction. This is my real life not “Jungle Fever”

    Just cause I’m white does not make me right. However White american women loving and married to black men are in it for a reason for non-understood by you. Cause its an everyday situation that could cause great issues for a family.

    Since I am who I am had to let you know don’t be so one sided look at the BIG PICTURE.


    • I don’t believe in exceptions when it comes to black and white. White women ALWAYS use black men for money and/or sex. I’ve never seen one single exception. I’ve seen white women who are better at hiding it but deep down they are all the same. White women are professional opportunists. A few of them manage to convince themselves that they are not. Apparently you are one of those. The greatest thing a white woman could ever do for a black man is NOT date them. Our people are already screwed up enough from centuries of generational racism with no reparations whatsoever. Black men use white women as trophies because it makes us feel powerful in a way to take something from the white man. It is indicative of a mental disorder. If you really loved black men you would leave them to our own people so we could fix ourselves. That is the BIG picture. It’s not about YOU….at all.

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