The Real Source of Wealth Inequality

September 19, 2009

We all know that the economic divide in this country is increasing between the haves (the Jews) and have nots (the Jew nots). We all know the middle class is shrinking rapidly. We all know about the billion dollar bailouts for the banks which were orchestrated by the Jewish elite that own and operate the Federal Reserve and the millions and millions of dollars of bonuses and stock options paid to CEOs and stockholders of major corporations and banking institutions. This obviously does have some affect on wealth inequality but this only touches the surface of the iceberg. Bill Gates and Larry Ellison between the two of them have more wealth than the entire US black population of 36 million. Regardless, many whites still defend capitalism to their graves because it represents racism, white nationalism and domination of nature in their psyches, even though the free market does not exist in any palpable form in this country and increasingly so worldwide.

The real issue here is usury (or Jew-sury) plain and simple. It’s interest. Poor people are charged higher interest rates for loans than rich people are. In fact rich people even have their own rate, called the prime rate by banks, that is charged them for their loans. The rest of us get our interest rates by adding some number of percentage points to the prime rate. Now what kind of just country charges people with less money more? That is the very definition of injustice. Naturally this affects people of color more than whites because even with the same income nonwhites pay higher interest rates because of institutionalized racism that can hardly be remedied from a legal approach. Some people are paying 30% or more on their credit cards and we wonder why so many poor and black people had to allow foreclosure on their homes.

The US is still basically paying reparations to Israel for a crime we did not commit, a crime in fact no one committed. Most of our politicians capitulate not based on any guilt they may feel from the so-called Jewish Holocaust but simply out of greed. This debt creation scam is at the heart of the this financial collapse and continuing recession. Bernanke said yesterday that we had turned the corner. No we haven’t. There are almost 20 million people out of work in this country. Bernanke is just trying to be optimistic so that he and his Jewish crime syndicate can continue raking in untold profits from the stock market before they crash it again one last time and leave America as a Second World country.

Jews have been running this Ponzi scheme for centuries but Americans are so ignorant of history and undereducated that most have no idea what is going on. To distract the ignorant masses the Jewish elite give us Barack Obama, who they know is simply going to further the divide in the country because they know how to socially engineer us from the billions they have spent on research based upon the work of previous generations. Until Americans stop saddling themselves with guilt for a Jewish holocaust that may have never even happened and certainly didn’t result in the death of six million Jews, these elites will continue fleecing us because they have infiltrated every segment of society with their assets, agents and sayinim. There is no way to even detect or identify all of them at this point because of the clandestine nature of these techniques.

Americans pay interest on every dollar that is printed by the US Bureau of Engraving and Printing and that money goes straight into the pockets of the international bankers like the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, JP Morgan, etc. The Jews are critical to the success of this scam. They basically own Wall Street and Washington DC and run this country for the British elite. It doesn’t matter who is Jewish and who is not. Religion is just a useful tool for subterfuge and obfuscation. It doesn’t matter who is a Zionist and who isn’t either. These people are greedy psychopaths who will kill for money and control. It’s that simple. They poison us with fluoride, untested prescription drugs, mercury in the vaccines, chemtrails, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, nitrates/nitrites and then socially engineer us with the filth coming out of Hollywood and on TV through Jewish control and domination of the media. Just look at late night TV to see how many Jews are represented when they represent paltry 2.2% of the US population. If you think this is all happening just by chance then you do not have a solid grasp of statistics at all. All this carnage has happened within the last fifty years so it is clearly not an accident or a result of incompetence. It IS a result of malevolence.

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