Jordan Inducted into NBA Hall of Fame (finally)

September 13, 2009

Michael Jordan, IMHO the greatest basketball player of all time, was finally inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame on last Friday. Either I missed it or there was almost no coverage of this momentous event. Guess no one cares when they can’t make money off you anymore.


A lot of people who hate Jordan like to debate who the greatest player of all time really is. They throw in Isaiah, Magic, Bird, Dr. J, etc. Those dudes were all da bomb as well but can we not agree that Jordan was something special beyond special? Haterism has no ends in this country.

As great as Jordan was on the court I have always had problems with him off the court, not with gambling but with cheating on his wife and peddling shoes via Nike to poor black kids that cannot afford them. Many of those kids ended up selling drugs or stealing to afford them. Promotion of materialism and consumerism at that level is certainly irresponsible just as it is irresponsible for parents not to raise their children with better values. The problem is that most adults are also indoctrinated with this commodity fetishism as a distraction themselves so they can offer little resistance to it. It obviously doesn’t work very well as a distraction or even for venting aggression as America is still the most violent country on the planet. The best that “dead things” can do is be a temporary distraction. They can never replace contact with living things whether those living things are other people, animals, plants, etc.

Second I have never been a fan of awards. Michael Jordan won so many awards in his life that at times I wondered if he did everything he did for the accolades. I don’t think so. I think Jordan was a basketball player pure and simple. I think he separated that from the money. I think he loved the awards but the accomplishments were what he cared about because he knows now that he will never be forgotten….ever. He has left his indelible mark on mankind and therein lies his legacy. Now he can go gently into that good night.

White people are obsessed with awards for some reason. They have some psychological need to always classify something as the best when there really is no best at all. Things are just different. People are different. Each of us perceives reality through our own lens of personal experience. Some people believe Magic was greater than Jordan. I cannot begrudge them that belief. Jordan overall from a statistical viewpoint stands alone in scoring and probably in steals as well but if someone liked Magic more then they just do. For some reason whites have to have an absolute answer to everything or else resolve the conflict with cognitive dissonance which basically leaves it unresolved. Everything must be cold, calculated and definite. Jordan would still have been the same player without any of the awards, accolades, trophies, etc. They mean nothing in the end. All matters is what he had inside.

And now I end with the greatest Jordan commercial of all time. All of his dunks were the best of all time.

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