Chris Rock’s “Good Hair”: What’s so good about it?

September 12, 2009

I’m not sure why Chris Rock called this documentary “Good Hair” (http://goodhairmovie.net). “Good Hair” is a term used within the black community to describe hair that has a soft texture and is easy to manage. These “good hair” people are usually babies or young people. They are also often biracial children. It has nothing to do with weaves or the black hair industry in America. The documentary is being released nationally on 10/23 so perhaps I should not prejudge based on the previews. Oh damn….too late.


I have a problem with co-opting an already racist term and using it to describe something not even related to it. “Good hair” basically means that most black people have “bad hair”. It means that our hair being wiry or not as soft as “good hair” is somehow a negative thing. I thought there were enough negative black stereotypes already?

The billion dollar black hair industry in America is such a farce. First of all let’s be clear that this is mostly a black female phenomenon. Second of all most black women buy extensions and get them sewn into whatever hair they actually have. There is the problem. Where is the natural hair of these black women? There are several answers to that question.

Black women, just like black men, suffer from indoctrination to white supremacy. Many black women subconsciously believe that straight hair is better than curly hair. Not all but most. They believe that black men find “white girl” hair more attractive. It’s the same thing black people do with colored contacts. The ironic part is that white women are equally jealous of black womens’ butts, curves, rhythm and full lips. At least it goes both ways but both are mentally unhealthy. Black people do not need to add another log to the fire of our own mentacide.


I’ll be honest. I hate weaves. Many of them do not look natural and they get in the way during sex. They are a tremendous waste of money and time as well. Black women can spend an entire day getting hair sewn in just for a hairdo that will last a few weeks if that long. I’ve seen some that cost hundreds of dollars. The reason black women cannot grow their own healthy hair is because they are poisoning their scalps with chemicals and their bodies with unhealthy food. There. I said it.

Almost every aspect of your life is impacted by what you eat. If you put crap in then you get crap out. Black women in general are also not very diligent when it comes to exercise. Exercise purges and flushes your system of toxins that otherwise build up within the body. Without exercise and at least a somewhat healthy diet black women will never be able to grow the strong, long, healthy hair that should happen naturally. There is nothing I hate more than seeing a black women with a blonde weave. That woman has committed mentacide and nutricide on herself.

I’m no expert but what I usually see is black women try using chemicals on whatever hair they have at first just to straighten it, perm it or make it more manageable in some way. The chemicals actually kill the hair at the root because they are not natural. That actually prohibits new growth and damages any existing hair. To make matters worse that poison seeps into the bloodstream through the scalp where it can do a lot more damage than just baldness. Beautiful, real hair is a sign of healthiness. Weaves are a sign of sickness when they are women are wholly dependent upon them. I have no problem with black women who have healthy hair already and then add some to it for fashion’s sake. My problem is the women who basically have almost no hair and then buy fake or real hair to make themselves appear they have a full head of healthy hair. The weaves, even with real hair, never feel the same as your own real hair. They often smell funny and feel coarse. With almost no hair some women even have to opt for wigs since they have nothing to sew the weave in to.


I can remember as a young child watching my mother getting ready for work and putting the curling iron on the stove to heat it up. Then she would take it and twist her hair around it, burning herself sometimes in the process, all to get a quick curl. Now how in the world could burning your hair possibly be good for it? I hated the smell of that burning hair. It’s disgusting but the culture of black female hair has a life of its own now. Black women with weaves are easily offended by anyone challenging them on it. We say it’s not their hair and they say it is because they bought it. What underlies this ongoing conflict is an insecurity for many black women that want to hide their lack of hair because they’ve destroyed their real hair.

There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to natural black hair. Black is beautiful. The problem is that white people’s chemicals have so damaged the roots of black women’s scalps that they can scarcely grow the beautiful hair they are capable of anymore. Couple that with a poor diet and lack of exercise and it equates to a billion dollars of wasted money every year in vain attempts to appear to have something or be something that you obviously are not. Be yourself. Be healthy. Be black. Be beautiful black woman!!!


  1. Great post! I do agree. there is no such thing as ‘good’ hair. but i thought was what Chris Rock’s documentary was about…that there is no such thing…?

  2. i look great in blonde hair n well im mixed n pretty as hec mixed wit mostly puertorican n black
    plz dont b racis on this site

    • There’s nothing racist about analyzing why nonwhite women feel like they have to try to look white. That’s just an open and honest debate. Stop trying to censor free speech.

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