True Blood: Vampirism as a Metaphor for White Racism

September 10, 2009

The popularity of the HBO Series “True Blood” clearly demonstrates obsession with the myth of vampires. Many whites really believe that vampires exist. You will have an easier time convincing some that Elvis is really dead. There is an eerie semblance between whites and vampires when you consider it.


Let’s look at some of the similarities:

1) They need to drink human blood to stay alive.

This sounds like some perverted adaption of Christianity and Catholicism whereby communion or the Eucharist is the literal or symbolic blood and body of Jesus Christ. Vampires consider themselves superior to humans but need them to stay alive so have to control them and use them to find a cure for what ails. Whites are really the vampires and they need blacks to stay alive. After all whites did come from blacks since human life began in Africa. Vampires (ie whites) are missing something in their blood and that genetic defect forces them to live their lives drinking the blood of others (ie non-whites). They are the parasites who cannot live without the human host.

White people also have an affinity for consuming raw meat. They love sushi as well. Maybe this is why vampires have fangs as well. Meat-eating has long been known to be a metaphor for the conquering of nature. Whites just have a hard time developing stasis with nature. Most see it as a threat to their existence instead of a gift that nourishes the human spirit. Humanity as a whole continues to pay heavy mental and physical price for not living in closer harmony with nature.

2) They are immortal unless killed or die from blood thirst.

White people have an intense fear of death. They do not view it as a transition or transcendence like other races and non-European religions. They do not experience a continuity but see life and death as distinct.

3) They cannot go into the sunlight and fear fire.

You cannot get any more obvious than this one. White people lack the pigmentation to remain in the sun for extended periods without burning and possibly developing melanoma. They have to put on sunscreens or take protective gear with them when they’re in the sun for even just an hour. Scientists have recently developed a drug called melanotan that can be used for white people with very sun-sensitive skin to give them more pigmentation so they can go into the sun for periods of time. I imagine this will morph into over the counter products eventually that will keep white people bronze all year long.

Pale skin is a source of tremendous insecurity for white people as it contributes to their feeling that nature is somehow out to get them and therefore must be conquered. It’s one reason I believe white people love red meat so much, especially prepared raw or sushi. Eating meat is a symbol that nature has been conquered. Whites have the same fascination with conquering space.

4) They are nocturnal creatures.

Vampires come out and feed at night since the sun kills them. Actually in “True Blood” the synthetic blood precludes this behavior but it is a historical fact that humans have always had a fear of the dark. It seems to be accentuated in whites, however, for whom it is a symbol of evil, dirt, impurity, excrement and other forms of filth they wish to rid themselves of but cannot.

5) They cannot stand garlic, crosses, holy water or silver.

Most of this is religious crap that makes the stories more interesting. Vampires are supposedly so evil that they cannot stand the presence of crosses and holy water burns them. Also silver is seen as holy because Jesus was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. I think it’s really the fact that whites subconsciously value silver as a perfected abstract of feces. They do the same with gold and money in general.

Garlic is just known to repel any bloodsucker including ticks and mosquitoes.

6) They can morph into bats, mice and wolves.

These are all creatures known to spread disease especially when rabid.

7) Oral sadism

White racism normally demonstrates anal sadism so it is interesting that vampires have an oral fixation. Their romantic relationships with humans are often intense and non-sexual. The fangs may be phallic symbols or just a metaphor for the beast within all of us.

8) They have super human strength and quickness.

White people have always been intimidated by the physical prowess and agility of black people. This is just wishing that the shoe were on the other genetic foot.

9) They have no reflection in a mirror.

Don’t need a PhD in psychology for this one. Whites hate themselves and project this hatred onto others. I cannot think of a more poignant metaphor than looking in the mirror and seeing nothing. They find the human body dirty and so seek to perfect the world by controlling every aspect of it, including other humans. They see the brown and black skin of Africans and blacks as feces, dirt and filth that must be abhorred and destroyed at all costs. Whites are still trying to escape their fear of the “dark”.

Whatever happens to most white people during Freud’s anal phase is traumatizing for them. Most experts agree that the maternal separation along with strict poddy training leaves them with an indelible mark. This strict poddy training is typical of Germanic cultures and seventy percent of white Americans have German ancestry.

10) They can impersonate other people via shapeshifting.

Once again this is clearly self-debasement. Wanting to be someone else is very typical of American culture period but none more so than whites.

11) Vampires have been linked with homosexuality.

When you need blood to survive you don’t really care if it’s a man or a woman. Female vampires are independent of their male counterparts akin to modern feminists and career women. When they bite someone to transform them into a vampire it is a moment of sensuality that has little to do with gender for them. Vampires are clean cut, stay out late and party hard. That sounds like a homosexual to me.

Also, Alan Ball, the producer and creator of “True Blood”, is openly gay and an advocate for the LBGT community.

True Blood is just a slightly different spin on racism and the historical laws against miscegenation in this country, especially given the fact that it’s set in a small southern town. The vampires, (ie the whites) want to breed with humans (ie nonwhites) and plenty of people and vampires are against it on both sides. It is clear that whites are obsessed with vampires because they themselves ARE the vampires.

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