Melanotan: The Ultimate Tan?

September 7, 2009

White people have finally done it. They’ve created a drug that will give pale white people with severe sun sensitivity tan skin for several months. It’s like Soul Man 2009. The drug is called melanotan. Talk about playing God. How many people have such serious skin conditions that it might justify the enormous amount of money and research spent on something like this?

White people know they love dark skin. I hear white people ridicule pale skin all the time as though it is a form of sickness. Actually whiteness is a form of albinism but whites do have pigmentation in their hair and eyes so they are not complete albinos but there have to be some serious biological consequences of this. I doubt if scientists are even bothering to research it since whiteness has been normalized even though only one out of ten people on the planet are white.

I don’t understand the repugnance whites feel toward pale skin except at a Freudian anal level. Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Connelly are two of the palest white women I’ve ever seen and they both look gorgeous to me. Maybe it’s just the lighting. I do just wish all this self-hatred that whites have for themselves would stay inside them instead of being projected onto nonwhites all over the world. It has led us to a very dismal place.

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  1. i do wish that too, but what can we do that’s what they want.. by the way, very interesting discussion about melanotan and pale skin people.

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