Do Black Women Hate Black Men?

September 5, 2009

There is a thin line between love and hate but hatred is not the right word to describe what many and most black women feel for black men these days. Disappointment is the word. Black men have taken a bad situation caused by centuries of white male overt and covert racism and made it a thousand times worse. There is no doubt that black men and women are both culpable in our current plight but unless we change specific behavior and modes of though it will continue to worsen. And what is bad for whites is always hell for blacks. This is not about who is right or who is wrong. We are both wrong and we are both right. We have to stop being so determined to be the one who is right all the time. Black people are proud but we are often proud about the wrong things. We need to keep the lines of communication and respect open, or reopen them where they have been closed, and learn from each others’ successes and each others’ mistakes. First and foremost we need to read because we have already had our history stolen from us once. If you refuse to read about the past then you cannot even know what was stolen from you. You become a tool of the status quo to be manipulated by the media. Black people as a whole are being targeted for global population reduction by white supremacy. It started with slavery of course. Then came the mentacide where they were largely successful at destroying our minds. At the same time whites committed nutricide against us and it is still going on with unhealthy soul food and lack of exercise plaguing the black community. Black people literally eat ourselves to death and with poor healthcare that is a recipe for a lifetime of medical problems and early demise.

Black men and women have been divided using the white power dynamic that is inherent in white supremacy. Black men are the son and the father of the Oedipus complex. White males act this out subconsciously in all their dealings with us. On the one hand, we are the child, the “boy”, the jester, the house “nigger” and fool that entertains them with music, sex and sports. On the other we are the threat to their masculinity and to the myth of white female purity. If white men put white women on a pedestal, black men keep them there. There ain’t nothing special about a white woman just because white males oppress us and we need to get some form of revenge to feel vindicated. That is the thought process of a child. White women are just women and I wouldn’t even call most of them that because they just do what is best for them. They want black men but they also want white money. Nothing else matters to them. No black man should ever marry a white woman, especially if you have kids with her. I think brothers subconsciously want to knock white women up to further decrease the white gene pool since ours are dominant but it is almost impossible to raise a mentally healthy half-white, half-black child in America. White women are playthings, save for a few, and deserve to be treated as such and relegated to getting your freak on and nothing more. I would never have a serious relationship with someone who is a member of a race that knowingly or otherwise seeks my ultimate eradication from existence. I know there are good white people out there but most either openly hate us, quietly resent us or are apathetic and aversive to us and our causes. They do not deserve our respect nor our sex and that goes for black women sleeping with white men and black men sleeping with white women. It’s not just sex. Sex gets into our heads even though we deny it to avoid appearing weak and vulnerable but it is nothing to be ashamed of. Black people are by their very nature good people and we want to be able to trust people but we have to realize that we have enemies regardless of the few good white people. This system of oppression needs no named white leaders. Capitalism, corporatism, consumerism, infantilism and hyperindividualism run it now. White men can sit back and put the slave ship of our destruction on auto-pilot.

One way or another the cycle must be broken. Black women have to stop having kids at an early age and black men have to stop going to prison. A black family without a black father is not a family at all. It’s a mother trying to play the role of mother and father and it doesn’t work. It sends young black men out into the street to look for male role models and they often up with the wrong ones or in front on BET or some other poison on tv that negatively shapes what their idea of manhood should be. That usually includes having kids as kids, selling drugs and popping a cap in somebody’s ass. That is manhood to most young black inner city males. That has to stop. Turn off BET and read a damn book on black history. Stop getting twisted every night to get the monkey off your back and then ending up on your back. Black men need to stop riding around in old Cadillacs with rims and the bumper falling off and wondering why you get pulled over with weed smoke pouring out the windows. We need to stop calling on Jesus and start calling on some common sense black people.

The divide between black men and women is basically over a broken promise. The black family sustained black people through slavery, through lynching and through Jim Crow. Now it has all but been destroyed so we no longer have that protective barrier we once had to insulate us from white attack. We are now open to all sorts of mental and physical aggressions like a white person in the sun with no sunscreen. White slavemasters often separated the black fathers from the mother and children so as to give the appearance of abandonment, as if the black man had a chance. It never worked on black women though, not back then. They never forsook or betrayed their black men in any way, even while being raped by the so-called master.

Today black women and most Americans, because of personal selfishness from living under capitalism and rampant consumerism and hyperindividualism, have a complete lack of understanding, compassion, empathy and sympathy for the plight of black men in America and all over the world. Everything is our fault and nothing is racism anymore. We have a half-black president that does zero for us so I guess that’s as much as we think we deserve. Black women are hooked on bling and other Hollywood stupidity along with black men. There is nothing wrong with wanting to live a comfortable life but not when it causes you to forsake the people that helped to get you that good job, that Lexus and that house you always dreamed of. (Houses are nothing but a form of indentured servitude because you pay for it twice but that is for another article another day). Black women have sold out black men for a buck. That ain’t nothing but another kind of house nigga. Black women are turning to white men in droves in some cities in America. I’m a single, professional, college-educated, fit and attractive 39 year old black man with no kids and a six figure job. Black women downtown turn their noses up at me and go on to the white dudes. I’m all for equality of the races and respecting people’s personal preferences but those preferences are shaped by the culture in which we live and experience racism on a daily if not minute by minute basis. Some black men do give up and blame everything on racism. We need inspiration and love from black women to get back on our feet, not the treachery of black females hopping into the master’s bed just so he’ll help pay your bills or because you want to try something new because black men have not remained faithfu to you. White men have always been the symbol of power to white women but they have also now become the symbol of power to many black women who are seeking the comforts of a material life with no regard to the social implications of doing so and with no regard for the true racial and sexual dynamic taking place within those black-white interactions, since they do not qualify as relationships in my book.

Black women have had their hearts broken by black men over and over but the men black women have chosen are really black “boys” like the white man used to call us even when we really weren’t. I believe much of black women’s anger is anger at themselves for making such stupid choices but black women’s choices in life are also shaped by the media and those lonely girlfriends of yours. Let’s be even more real. Women hate nothing more than being alone. It is the pain of that loneliness and abandonment that has caused the numbers of single black mothers to skyrocket. I don’t believe marriage is the answer to anything. Change has to come from within but children need both parents for healthy mental development or they will just end up another statistic. Is that what we want? I hear brothers say all the time that they would rather not see their kids than have to deal with the angry black mother. I hear black women say they would rather see their children starve, wear old tattered clothes and never go to college than take child support money from the father. Do we hear ourselves talking people? You brought a life into the world just to throw it away because of personal animosity to the mother or father. These people should be neutered but white people are already taking care of that for us. Planned Parenthood is nothing but the replacement for the eugenics boards that many states had in place by law until the late 1970’s. I live in North Carolina and they were still sterilizing black women until 1977 when I was seven years old. All they had to do was label you feeble-minded if nothing else fit and you were sterilized, many women without even knowing it. This is why black people need separation not from white people themselves but the system of oppression that benefits them all at our expense. We will always end up at the bottom in a system based upon the duality of light and dark, good and evil, black and white, clean and dirty. That is the white man’s burden and he has made it our burden as well.

Black men need to stop looking for their manhood in their pants. Black women need to stop having kids just because you are lonely and want someone around that will never leave you like the father did. We should be reinforcing each other at every turn instead of adopting white supremacist attitudes and tearing each other down. Many white people love nothing more than seeing blacks criticize each other with vitriolic antipathy. It makes their day because they know you have already committed mentacide and they don’t need your body because they own your mind. You are no good to black people in this state and need psychotherapy to recover from it. Self-hatred is white supremacy’s most powerful tool and it is often the only one that is needed.

So in brief answer to the question “Do black women hate men”? The answer is no. Black people hate white supremacy and project that hatred onto each other. Stop doing it.


  1. I think black women do hate black men. Which is alright with me because I hate them as well. I absolutely see nothing good about black women. I hate to be around them. I hate talk to them. I hate even seeing one on TV nowaday. I don’t like feeling this way. I know it’s wrong but that’s just how I feel.

  2. I completely understand why you feel that way but rise above it brother for the greater good of all. A’ight? They ain’t all like that but most of
    ’em are for damn sure. They watch wayyyyyy too much tv and need to get off the fantasy binge. Peace.

  3. black women are evil plain and simple all they do is collect welfare and think they are so much and make peoples lives a living hell i go out of my way not to shop where they work they are so mean and eveil to people

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