The Kennedy Curse = The Zionist Purse

August 28, 2009

I used to like Ted Kennedy before I came a revolutionary. I thought he was pretty progressive. He looked that way to me but it turns out that there are no progressive Senators and only a few progressive Congressmen, of note are Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel who are always marginalized and silenced by the Democratic Party. It blows my mind that black people claim to be progressive and then vote for centrist candidates like the Clintons and Obamas without being more introspective and critical of the reality of their pro-corporate, pro-Israel voting records and transparent agendas.

Having said that the Kennedy’s were a god-send to black people during the 60’s. I wasn’t even born but JFK was already trailblazing on equality. JFK was far from perfect, the Bay of Pigs incident comes to mind, but as  we mourn the death of yet another Kennedy let us remember JFK’s speech warning us of secret societies and their influence upon mankind. JFK died because he revealed these societies and the power they held and still hold over all of us no matter where we live on the planet. Many Kennedy’s since that speech have paid the price with their lives for what John tried to do for humanity. He was fearless and tireless and so was his brother Robert. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude and nothing less than fulfillment of their dream that mankind live free from treachery of those lurking in the shadows, not the fictitious Al Qaeda.

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