Why many black men pretend to be thugs

August 26, 2009

Am I the only brother out there that is tired of other brothers frontin’ like they are hardcore all the time because they know women are vulnerable to Typa A losers in a world where familial stability and loyalty is devalued and even ridiculed? When did black men forget how to be real men or why have they never learned? This is a pathetic phenomenon happening all over this country and world right now. Almost every brother I pass on the street is frowned up and looks at me like he wants to kill me when I say what’s up. They almost never return my greeting. I guess that’s just too bitch or punk ass to say hello. These guys wouldn’t make it one day in jail or prison. I’ve been in jail for a week before so I know. It ain’t no picnic. Jail is actually worse than prison.

Weak Black pseudo-men today are taking advantage of two things: 1) the supposed non-existence or shortage of available and non-felon black men and 2) the media portrayal of black males as thugs via rap music, the media and the criminal injustice system. From the very first encounter blacks were portrayed by Europeans as brainless savages of brawn. That set black males up to become symbols of sexuality and violence, a very enticing combination for women of all races who live their lives of fear of the black phallus but simultaneously long for multiple orgasms from the intrigue and racial taboo of being mercilessly assaulted by the black projection. We all know that most women are enthralled by the unpredictability of violent, oversexed thugs. It is a fantasy of nonblack women and a brainwashing of black women by the likes of BET.

So instead of speaking out against these ridiculous untruths about black male sexuality coupled with violence, what do the black male opportunists from the lower and middle classes do? They emulate the stereotypes created by white supremacy in order to get laid and reap the sexual bounty by-product of this sexual myth. They imitate the bad boy mentality with their speech, their walk, their clothes, their cars and anything else that fits the bill to attract mentally feeble females who have fallen for these seemingly innate and evolutionary vulnerabilities of many women.

As soon they get what they want these impostors are on their way to their next victim. They may even go as far as pretending to be a drug dealer and then buy drugs from a real drug dealer to pass them off as their own pretending to have underground connections as it were. These men do not even merit the opprobrium of my denouncement or the classification of men. They are scavengers who take advantage of desperate women who are caught up in a society of mixed messages about manhood and masculinity. It is time for black women and all women to reject the simple and foolish thug, the court jester of white supremacy who pretends to be what he wishes he really could be except he is terrified of going to prison and being anally raped.


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