Why are there so many Latin transsexuals?

August 23, 2009

I obviously surf the web or I may have never even found this site. Anyone that surfs the web regularly has seen some of the most perverted sexual imagery known to man. To each his own within the law. I think I’ve seen pretty much everything except for child porn and snuff films, which are not nearly as available as what one might call mainstream porn. It appears we still have at least one or two scruples. One thing I’ve noticed whether this stuff is forced on me by some type of spam or popup or whether I am actually in search of something titillating, (yes I actually like some porn), is that there is a huge and still growing number of Latin transsexuals. They’re everywhere on the net. They’re on Craigslist. They’re in porn movies. They’re on eros.com. There has to be a reason that half or more of transsexuals on the net are Latinas. I have several theories myself but no solid evidence to back any of them up.

1) Latinos are certainly more sexually open and adventurous in general. The result may be that when they come to this country, or even in their own, they are simply more visible than boring ass Americans because of this facet of their culture. Maybe it’s all the sun and year round warm weather making people horny. We see the same phenomenon in Florida and California, which are also heavily Latino. So this theory purports that there are not more Latina transsexuals but that they are just more highly visible.

2) There actually are more Latina transsexuals. That then begs the question: Why? Is there something in the water in Latin America? Is there a genetic predisposition to this from the indigenous people having intermingled with Spanish and Portuguese colonizers? Is there some type of social or biological experiment going on down there unbeknownst to the inhabitants. This country has a bloody history and present with Latin America. It makes sense to me that the New World Order elites would take advantage of such large and mostly helpless population to test whatever sick things they want eventually unleash on all of mankind. I didn’t say I agreed with this “guinea pig” practice but to defeat your enemy you have to think like them sometimes. Americans are guinea pigs for plenty of things too, most of which are put into our food, water, air and medicine.

3) In Venezuela the government will actually pay for your sex change operation. Breast augmentation is much cheaper in Latin America as well and the plastic surgeons are much better than the ones in America, more proof of the falling empire at home. Prescription drugs can be bought over the counter in most Latin American countries so perhaps combining all of these factors there are just more men who feel like they are really women and can actually do something about it. They can get the surgery, the fake breasts and the hormones they need on the cheap. Perhaps Americans would too if everything in the medical industry were not driven by the profit machine of Big Pharma.

I will be honest here. I have seen Latin and Asian transsexuals that can fool any man. It is quite scary actually because I consider myself 100% straight. When you look at a tranny or shemale as they are called and they are “passable” as female what you are seeing is not really another male in your heterosexual mind. You are really seeing what you think is a female so from a psychological perspective men that fall for this are still technically straight in my opinion. If it really bugs you that much to know you were fooled then you are probably a closet gay anyway. Straight men have no insecurities about their sexuality.

Latin American women and transsexuals continue to flood into this country. I think that’s a good thing because Americans have always been too uptight about sex because of religion. I do believe there is more sinister agenda on the table however. There is a lot of gender confusion going on these days as I’ve alluded to already. Men are being emasculated and indoctrinated into the gay lifestyle and metrosexuals abound. The chemicals in our food and water have been shown to be slowly changing men into women at a physical level. Male sperm counts are way down as well. Women have been de-feminized across the board and now kick more butt in Hollywood movies than men do. Career women are forsaking hearth and home for independence and have led to almost ubiquitous destabilization of the family.

This gender role reversal is orchestrated by the Jewish-controlled media and Hollywood is no accident. Without family there is currently no way for us to battle the elite and their Zionist minions. We are merely chess pawns waiting on their next move. We should welcome sexual openness to the point that it is natural but we must also be aware that the gender-bending experiments being forced upon us are unnatural in many ways and that they play a pivotal role in the social engineering used by the Illuminati to keep us distracted from what truly ails us. Think and then wake up.


  1. I have always wondered why it was the case that Thai & Latinos seem to dominate this, there is almost a kind of tourism attraction element to this like the red light district in Amsterdam. As a straight man myself I can’t really comprehend why anybody would want to change .. especially in countries where law and order and social cruelty is so prevelent. Another questions does arise why do goverments fund these operations if its not for some kind of benefit to them?

  2. A general comment about Zionists and the NWO Jews. I wonder if they are Genetically Physcopathic in nature. I mean why screw up this country with Feminism / Mass Immigration (no issues with some imm) / Dividing this country into dozens of hyphenated americans etc… and all the subverted and sick crap they do…. For hundred of years Europe / America and the West have given them santuary, why the bitterness and hatred for Werstern Civilization.

    Do they not realise they are actually creating Anti-Semitism, due to the fracturing of society, and mass importation of people who are VERY Anti-Semetic, do they not realise their own propoganda is actually impacting thier population…. Jews have by far the lowest population growth rate in the world (their Numbers are going down in the USA and Europe quite dramatically)…. Look at Europe with radical Islam slowly taking over (how can this benefit the common OR even the Enlightened Jews), the only thing they’ll govern is a un-governable MESS? The same can be said to the US as well, by Balkanizing this country and P*ssyfying men, no one benefits in the long run…. Their porpoganda effects many/most Jews as well.

    IMHO – Ultimately they will fail (nothing lasts forever) – because of the massive instability there NWO will cause. Also I have hope Asia’s Giant, will not easily bow down to them. America is also Economically a mess and could collapse soon. They have tried this for the last 3000-4000 years… Eventually they are kicked out and massacred… Eventually the same will happen this time round, except this time due to our Globalised world, it will sadly be very disastorous and a lot of people/innocence will die in the process. Thank you!

  3. I was really following you until that last retarded paragraph.

    • I have since changed my opinion on this. The Jewish media is pushing a gay agenda that turns straight people into gays in their minds but the increasing numbers of transsexuals is caused by something else. Mankind’s egos are slowly descending into the abyss but at the same time our physical bodies are merging back into an androgynous form. That is what man originally was. When God made woman it was right before the fall of man when we partook of the apple, a symbol for the animal organism. We learned how to spill the seed, which is needed internally to keep us in the Garden of Eden. We are losing our souls to Qlippoth (aka hell or lower kingdoms) but our bodies are trying to return to Eden in their original state like it was before Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed. Now why they are mostly Latin transsexuals is still a mystery unless someone is poisoning Latinos or Catholicism is having some impact on this effect. I think culture plays a huge role as well because even though Latinos are mostly Catholic they are also very sexually open and uninhibited. Latinas walk around half naked most of the time on TV and in real life too from what I can tell. I’m not complaining but I should be because seeing those image 24/7 is not good for you. It creates demons in other dimensions that weigh the soul down and create sexual perversions and addictions.

  4. I think it might be that in the current Latino culture a child being raised in a fatherless family may play a role in there being more gay men and cross dressers . Alot of crossdressers become transsexuals.I wont go into detail about the water supply jews catholics . Also large families very very large families may play a role . Just my opinion .

  5. Just dropping by to tell u this is a good article.And to tell u the 2 last paragraphs are just awesome,just perfect and so real u prob got alot of sheeple pissed.Good to read.

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