Obama to NAACP and Africa: Get rich or die tryin’

July 19, 2009

Obama has to be to most arrogant and uppity Negro I’ve seen in a long time. He makes Clarence Thomas look like Huey P. Newton. Who in the hell does he think he’s talking to with such disrespect and ingratitude? Civil rights pioneers made it possible for him to be in the position he’s in and all he does is deride the black community as a whole Bill Cosby-style. His recent speech to the NAACP was more of the same “lack of personal responsibility” crap that Patrick Moynihan used to spew with this “culture of poverty” nonsense that has been thoroughly since discredited. The problem is not black culture. It’s whites and their culture of greed and racism. Obama went on to say that because Jim Crow laws had been overturned that now we have black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. So what?

First of all Jim Crow laws were not just overturned by the grace of white men. Black people bled, shed and died and to get those laws overturned while Obama was growing up and sucking up for his own political career. Secondly black empowerment is not about assimilating with a system that continues to oppress us just for personal aggrandizement. Obama completely misses the mark on almost every aspect of true black self-determination because he is a White House Nigga and a Republican in Democrat’s clothes.

Take a look for yourself at the nine black CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and the six black billionaires and ask yourself “What the hell does this do for the 36 million black people in this country?!?!”



Obama was sent to deceive black people and it worked all too well. His brand of identity politics does nothing but give comfort to the enemy and ignominy and shame to the African diaspora. Look at how whites in Russia disrespected him recently and this is how he treats us?


  1. First of all I don’t believe Obama is an arrogant, uppity Negro. I believe black people need to stop accepting that white people want them to fail. And we need to condemn any culture in which education is not highly valued because that is the only way to overcome discrimination and move forward in America and to compete with the world. Black people have gone through so much hate but have risen about that racism to become doctors, lawyers, justices, engineers, and leaders of the free world. We can’t use excuses to not go to school. I feel as if black kids especially males are told from the begining that they are going to fail so why bother even trying. We need the parents to support their children, check up on their homework talk to their teachers. I was raised in a single parent household and my mom work from 7am-7pm but always came home and made sure I did my homework. She always went to my parent teacher meetings, and made sure I was studying hard. I think you’re statement on black culture is correct. Black Culture was created to counteract racism coming from white people but there comes a point where we can’t just sit in our house and blame “the man” for everything going wrong in our lives. If people just waited around for government and white people to change things there would’ve probably been no civil rights movement and black would still be sitting at the back of the bus. Black people and everyone else NEED education to effect change. I think he did a good job in focusing on education and telling the NAACP to focus on rights for all Americans: Muslims, Gay people, latinos etc. As Martin Luther King said, “An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” We need to keep this in mind.

    • Where do you hear me saying anything about black people accepting poverty and depravity as a way of life? You are taking the exact same angle that Obama and Bill Cosby are. First of all black people are not a monolith so if some of us want to make a buck and forget about the suffering masses then that is their right. It’s wrong but it’s still their right and if we still lived in tribal societies those selfish egoists would be cast out from the tribe to starve and die unable to survive on their own. I realize that some black people are very successful in their careers both financially and meaningfully but my concern is for the masses, not those who have assimilated successfully into Western culture if there is such a thing, beyond consumerism. Assimilation is wrong for black people because we are assimilating into European culture instead of what works best for us.

      You are correct that black people, as a result of real hopelessness from racism, do make things worse for ourselves many times but that does not negate the pernicious effects of white supremacy. We cannot cancel out white supremacy with assimilation and excellence in higher education. Do you hear yourself? Even if blacks did not make their plight worse we may not be in much of a better situation because of systemic and institutionalized racism. It sounds like you want to minimize the effects of this because you have had personal success in your life. What about the people that didn’t even have one parent? What about those with two parents, neither of which gave a damn about them? Maybe they were just an night of drunken unprotected sex to their parents.

      Studying is always a good thing but you have to study the right things. Studying lies does nothing but brainwash people. Black children are brainwashed into white supremacy in this public education system by the omission of African culture and history from the curriculum on purpose. If black people discovered our heritage we would realize that white people only stole almost everything they ever learned from Africa and Asia.

      And who says I am telling anyone to wait around for someone to help him? That is not a part of my article at all which makes me think you either didn’t read it or have a poor grasp of the English language. If anything black people need to reject Christianity which teaches learned helplessness by waiting on the Messiah to return to save you from your enemies. White people never give blacks anything that will help us unless it helps them considerably more so why would they give us Christianity and the Messiah of Jesus when they hated the ground we walked on and air we breathed? It was done to control us. Religious people can accomplish much but they always give the glory to God instead of themselves for their hard work and perseverance. That makes no sense to me because it makes no sense period.

      I want black men to wake up from their slumber of Xbox, single mothers, gangsta rap and hollow self-adulation in place of actual manhood and tough love may be warranted with a healthy dose of love and support but criticism alone often destroys the spirit. Have you no empathy for the struggle of the black man here in America and abroad? We are and were in the same metaphysical boat. We will drown together or learn to swim to dry land and survive. I bid you good evening.

      • First of all I’m not religious. I don’t believe in religion because it’s an organization that lies to the people. I am a product of a public education system in an all white neighborhood and now I’m at a really good university studying to become a doctor. Of course we are brainwashed into believing white supremacist views and black people are barely talked about as being the back bone of this country. That’s why we need a Black history month because white people leave us out of history. Most people belive black history is just Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks. But there is so much more to black history. White history is considered the norm and anything else is not important. We are not in the position right now to just erase white supremacy. All the years that black people have been broken down by slavery alnog with the institutions put in place to continue racism will take a VERY long time to overcome. I believe we will always have racism and discrimination. Of course we only learn white supremacist views in school but unless black people take control and try to open their own schools and teach real history, we are forced to learn history through the white man’s perspective. If that’s the only way we are to go to college and become more, we have to fight more to combat that. But we can’t fight it if we just keep sitting complaining about how the man is trying to bring us down because that gets us nowhere.
        I agree with the fact that black people can’t afford to just “make a buck” and forget about the rest of black people. When you have more than 50% of black children in the inner city dropping out of school then that’s a problem. It’s a problem for all of us. We won’t be able to compete with the world who is way ahead in education already. How do suggest that black people become successful? If you don’t want them to go to a school which brainwashes their mind, where can they go? The schools in the inner city are crap. the inner city schools don’t even teach the same material as mostly white schools in the suburbs or the special magnet schools.
        I remember when Oprah considered about opening schools in the inner city but instead went to Africa to open up a school. She said that the black kids did not want to learn. All they cared about was the ipods, shoes and clothes. this statement really upset me because she didn’t really delve deep into the reason of why kids didn’t care. That’s the problem with society. Just like if a black person is hustling in the streets, people say oh that’s just how black people act. But if it’s a white kid, then people look at reasons why.
        I thought Bill Cosby had the right ideas in his speech but failed to look at the insitutions that have been in place for many years and the fact that we live in a white supremacist nation. I notice myself getting really upset about how they treat Sonia Sotomayor. Even though she graduated from Princeton summa cum laude 30 years ago and also Yale Law school. She’s also been on the bench for more than 17 years and they still attack her intelligence. It’s just the nature of white people to think that a minority could never be successful because minorties are not as smart as whites so they throw out the “it’s only affirmative action”. If this was a white guy, white people would have nothing to say about his intelligence. This is just one example among many that shows that America is a white supremacist nation. But it also shows that you can be successful in a white supremacist nation. And please don’t insult my ability to read. Thank you.

      • Well it sounds like you are going to have a nice future (assuming the planet is still here) as a doctor. Are you helping other disadvantaged black youth to do the same? My problem as it always has been with the “talented tenth” is that they give up on the black underclass out of frustration and the complexity of the problems. How does that help? Then most of us pursue a life of materialism and happiness for ourselves. Like I said no one is saying that people always have to do the right thing but for me the right thing is what benefits most and not the few. You are correct that racism will never end even if there were no white people at all. It apparently is just a part of who we humans are to some extent. We have these built-in insecurities that make us want to classify and rank each other to make ourselves feel better about who we are. Education can eliminate some of that but not all of it.

        Ultimately black people cannot coexist in a healthy way with whites until whites deal with their internal demons. They continue to project these onto black people as an ineffective way of reconciling them. I believe blacks and whites should be physically and geographically separated from each other until both of us can recover from the damage white racism has caused and still is causing. Farrakhan agrees of course. White people do not realize how much it also hurts them but it is apparent to me and any rudimentary psychologist that it does. However since blacks are no longer a monolith many of us would rather take our chances with whitey because we no faith in our ability to do for ourselves. That is sad. I hear black people say all the time that they would never want to live in or visit Africa. That is an awfully low opinion to have of one’s homeland and demonstrates the power of the media not only to brainwash whites but even us. Of course most of us are mixed with European blood as well but we ignore that part since there are no records and brown skin equals black in America because of the one-drop rule.

        As far as Sotomayor I think you miss the point. The people that own and run the world behind the scenes, the Zionist and British elite, use divide and conquer to keep us in a perpetual state of disarray. While we are distracted they make off with every dime we have just like the bailouts and just like they are continuing to do. Needless to say these same Zionists are largely Jews, the same families that financed the ships for the TransAtlantic slave trade, the same ones that started the Hamatic myth in the Bible that said darker skin people are cursed by God and the same ones who faked the Holocaust and then killed 3000 Americans on 9/11. Until these people are arrested and brought to justice things will continue in the same vein. Just because people cannot see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We will continue to be divided along gender, race, religion, sexuality, abortion, gun rights, etc. because the elite spend billions on psyops programs to control us plus they drug us with fluoride in the water and otherdamaging chemicals in our food and drugs. It is a truly a conspiracy too monstrous for many to believe.

        Good luck with your personal success. It seems as if we are all in it for ourselves these days since we have so many haters out here. Life is short so perhaps it is best to enjoy it and not always worry about larger issues that require complex solutions. People who protest too loudly are often never heard from again and Americans know it. We fear our government and in that there can be no freedom. For black people there can be freedom as a whole without land and we are still owed a bug chunk of it.

      • I agree with the fact that white need to deal their inner demons. White people as well as people of color have been the victims of white supremacy: white people feel as if they are all mighty and can degrade any group of people who are not white. Black people have an inferiority complex because of the white supremaicst culture that constantly makes them feel as if they’re not good enough. White people have a problem of not recognizing the priviledge they have just because of the color of their skin. Just like someone has a certain priviledge if they are Christian or heterosexual.
        As for geographically separating black people and white people, history has shown that this has not been successful. White people came to Africa to take slaves and colonize many countries. The British people also went to India to colonize it as well. Although India is growing to become a more developed nation, Africa is probably the poorest continent on earth and contains the greatest amount of black people. Why is that? White people have been trying to just give money to countries in Africa to “help” the people but the money doesn’t even go to the people. It circulates in the corrupt government supported by white people. Maybe my perception of why countries of Africa lag behind so many other countries is incorrect but I’m just trying to understand why. People just think giving money to Africa is going to magically change things. I don’t think that’s the case.

      • Well the only other option, since we apparently are no longer capable of helping ourselves like the Black Panthers did, is for each of us to go it alone as we are doing now and throw ourselves to the corporate beast. Let us continue to succumb to European cultural domination, assimilation and relegation of African culture to nothingness. The civil rights era is truly over. It died with Martin and Malcolm. Long live “bling bling” and “I gotta get mine!!!”. Once black people adopted the evil “profits before people” mentality of capitalism it was pretty much game over anyway. How very sad.

        Either way it is wrongheaded and disingenuous for Obama to blame Africans for corruption when it is always easy to bribe poor people into selling out their countries. He is helping white people project their darkness onto us. There needs to be an African court of justice that puts these sellouts on trial for their crimes but then again they’d probably put Obama on trial right along with them, as they should. Not many people know it but Obama’s mother is half-Jewish which makes him a quarter Jewish. Anyone that is part Jewish may as well be 100% Jewish, meaning the causes of non-Jews, goyim or Gentiles do not matter in the least.

        Obama cannot get his nose out of Israel’s butt for two seconds while those people commit the same atrocities on the Palestinians that white people committed on black people in this country. Most black people in this country call themselves Christians like that is something to be proud of when they wholehearted support a black man who is a white supremacist and sits back while genocide is happening to our brothers and sisters in the Middle East all because of some stupid book written thousands of years ago.

  2. nfamous23, I cosign everything you wrote in this entry, both the post itself as well as your responses to jamaicagirl.

    Salient points – all of them.

    Too bad our folk still don’t get it.

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