The Meaning of “The Matrix” to me

June 7, 2009

The Wachowski brothers (or actually brother and sister since Larry is having a sex change operation) didn’t just make “The Matrix” for entertainment. It was intended to awaken people from the very real Matrix we find ourselves in today. It is no coincidence that the last stronghold of civilization is called Zion. Zion is a Christian metaphor for the place where the real Jews, not the phony Euro-convert Khazarian and Ashkhenazi Jews that own this government, will return one day and find peace. Until that time they will be in tribulation according to the Bible. I don’t believe a word of it but in my book two lies are worse than one. There is no reference to Jews in the Bible at all, not even once. Jew is just a word meaning from or of Judea. It doesn’t even originate from the word Judaism. Many people don’t realize that and falsely assume that all Jews practice Judaism. Wrong. Some do and some practice Zionism, the evil non-religion of global domination based upon Talmudic law whereby all non-Jews can and must be slain.

Did anyone besides me notice that most of the people in Zion were light-skinned black people? Not sure what the reasoning behind that theme was but the real Jews of the Bible were Black Hebrews. You WILL find Hebrew in the Bible hundreds of times but never Jew.

This is just my opinion but the machine world seems to represent Israel along with the corporate military industrial complex and its desire to dominate the world and destroy all resistance. The agents represent the police who are always willing to enforce the will of the state. The sentinels represent the military who enforce the will of the globalists using technology. Pretty soon robots will take over much of the function of this in our modern world.

Morpheus represents Jesus in the simplest terms. He was sent to prophesy of the coming of the One. The One is obviously a metaphor for God. Neo had to sacrifice himself that Morpheus might live but ended up dying himself. It’s sort of a twist on the biblical version. The symbiosis between the machines and the humans symbolized the same between today’s workers and corporations. Without us they are nothing. In the Matrix without the humans the machines had no electricity. Just like the corporate Jewish media has blinded most of us to the facts of our existence, and possible soon non-existence, the Matrix kept everyone oblivious from the time of their birth until their death. The ones who woke up from the sleep were immediately in danger from the machines. They wanted Zion destroyed so no one could threaten their reign much like the Zionist Jews who want to destroy all of their neighbors in the Middle East and even the United States itself despite our supportive role in maintaining their dominion.

I guess Americans cannot understand anything this complex or symbolic anymore. You pretty much have to spell it out since we have been dumbed-down with chemicals in our food, water and air not to mention vaccines and medications. We might be incapable of saving ourselves at this point. We are bitterly divided still on almost everything and that is because the Zionists have caused it to happen, not just by chance. They know that knowledge and unity equal power. Even if we have knowledge it is useless without unity and they know that. Unity is equally useless without knowledge so what do they do? They divide us and dumb us down to take care of both sides of the fence. We are like ducks in a row and they are picking us off thousands at a time worldwide. The only problem is this time you cannot take the red pill and go back to sleep. The Zionists’ plans are coming to a heionous and diabolical conclusion that will spell the end of 80% or more of humanity. They have been waiting for this day for hundreds of years and it is upon all of us now but we can still save ourselves and the planet if we “believe”.


  1. Are you aware of Sophia Stewart, she’s a black women who filed a lawsuit against the Wachowski brothers becase she said she came up with the matrix and terminator. She said her motivation at the time of coming up with these stories was because she wanted to make a story about a black messiah. Interesting enough, Will Smith actually was who they wanted instead of keanu Reeves but he turned the part down.

  2. no, theyre literally crazy enough to try and start an apocalypse. they make movies to separate us. just look at the anger in your response. that is the type of reaction that will eventually divide the world into two groups. do you wonder why we can’t even discuss political issues anymore without both sides getting enraged by the other?

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