Deju Vu for Serena at French

May 31, 2009

Yesterday at the French Open Serena Williams experienced deja vu but not in the way she probably wanted. Her third round opponent Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez was hit on the arm by one of Serena’s powerful shots and then lied to the umpire that it had hit her. The result was that Serena lost that point and had her serve broken. Sanchez went on to win the set although eventually losing the match 4-6, 6-3, 6-4. Would Martinez have committed such unsportsmanlike and egregious conduct if her opponent had been white? One can only speculate. Many of white female tennis players envy the Williams sisters power game and mental focus which they can only dream of in their wildest imaginations despite being classically and clinically trained. The Williams sisters can take off three months and then win a Grand Slam the next week. That is how good they are compared to the cadre of average white players adorning the top 20. Serena knows she is always number one regardless of the ranking system and that is all that matters to her.

This had to bring back painful memories for Serena who was also cheated by now retired former number one Justine Henin-Hardenne back in 2003 at the same tournament. Henin had motioned with her hand that she was not ready for the serve so Serena just pushed it into the the net since she had already begun her motion. Williams was entitled to another first serve at that point but Henin denied holding her hand up although she clearly did and Williams ended up losing the point and the match. The French crowd backed Henin because she is from the French part of Belguim but there was also signs of racism from the almost all white crowd. I wish cheaters never won but in the real world sometimes they do.

In the press conference after the Williams- Martinez match one of the reporters had the gall to suggest that Williams was being too harsh by calling Martinez a cheater. Serena responded with “Well what would you call someone that cheats?”. She could not have said it better and the reporter had no retort. This brings me to my larger point about white supremacy and the modern portrayal of black depravity in America and worldwide. Tennis has since its inception been a sport for whites. Now that blacks and other nonwhites can play professionally, thanks for Arthur Ashe and Althea Gibson, white people find themselves losing more of what they consider to be “their” sport much like golf. I am an avid tennis player myself and have been for 26 years. I usually don’t play with whites though because they have this attitude that they are always supposed to win because blacks were shut out of it for so long at the professional level. The same thing happened to Tiger Woods with the collard greens and fried chicken comments from the now defunct Fuzzy Zoeller.

What sickens me the most is not any anti-American sentiment. I expect that all over the world given the fact that America has left most of the world in utter misery and suffering from our imperial adventures of pilfer and plunder but white Americans themselves hesitantly cheer for the Williams sisters as if they somehow are not dainty or uppity enough to play professional tennis since they grew up in the projects and were trained by their father. Their entire game is completely unconventional because black people do things our own way. We certainly do not need to model ourselves after Europeans who have destroyed and devastated the planet all for profit and material gain. The same applies to tennis.

Yes Serena and Venus both make lots of errors. Is that forbidden in the rule handbook? Didn’t think so. Is it also forbidden for them to hit just as many winners? Serena and Venus determine their destiny. If they make their shots then they always win, even against retired Henin-Hardenne. No white player can defeat them and this is a slap in the face of whites who go to all of their overpriced training facilities and still churn out mostly losers. The Williams sisters made history and they did it on the cheap. White people have no problem with James Blake on the men’s side. For one thing Blake is light-skinned, a Harvard graduate and has never threatened any of the top white players consistently. White Americans love Blake’s power game, akin to how the US bullies everyone around the world, but they really love how humble he is and how he never brags or denigrates any of the white players. He is considered an “good boy” and a “house Negro”.

The Williams sisters provide the antithesis of the happy slave dynamic and hence they are demonized even in their own country. Just like when Cynthia McKinney was portrayed as a crazed, angry black woman by the media when she was involved in a fray with Capitol police when she was late one day and forgot her badge, the Williams family is always portrayed as angry blacks as if black people have no reason to be angry after having been ripped from our homeland, de-culturized from our land and people, worked to death in many cases and then forced to endure hundreds of years of torture and terrorism from racist whites with no use for us in the postbellum period. Our abuse continues to this very day in the same and different ways.

It is clear that most white Americans have and will never come to terms with race. What whites did to us was evil incarnate. Nowhere in recorded history were slaves ever abused as badly as they were in America and now we are supposed to be happy to be in America sitting back and watching whites wreak havoc on our brothers and sisters all over the globe? There is a day of reckoning approaching quickly for the vast majority of whites. Green is the new white. That means unless you are filthy rich in a globalist economy then the elite have no use for you regardless of your race. Whites bought the lie. The truth is that it has always been about class to the elite and never race, religion or anything else. The media provides nothing but Zionist propaganda, lies and psyops to divide and conquere the people but whites still refuse to see the larger picture. Black people have little to brag about in this regard as we have been drunk on Obama Kool-Aid from day one, a man that cares nothing for us and continues to demonstrate it with each passing day.

I understand that whites are born into a world of privilege, not as much as 100 years ago, but all whites still receive many unearned privileges. Whites take them for granted because they have never not received them so they consider it nothing special or unusual. Only by removing white privilege could whites understand how much they actually do receive for free and at black expense. The problem for the white masses is that much of white privilege is non-financial and whites never admit that part exists. That means you may not win the lottery but the cop will pull a black man over at 3am before he pulls you over. You don’t know that you just got off the hook because you’re white but you did and you will never know it. That is the beauty of white privilege. It’s like a guardian angel that keeps a watchful eye over whites while condemning blacks and other nonwhites to pure hell, one which would have most whites committing suicide within a few months. I used to believe that I had white friends but I now know that if a white person is doing nothing to further the cause of justice, equality and an end to white privilege and supremacy then I have no use for them. They remain the tacit oppressor.

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