Who are the Jews? Who are the Semites?

April 8, 2009

I’m tired of people unintentionally lending credence to the lies of the Khazarian Ashkhenazis that run the world. These people are not Jews. Khazaria converted to Judaism hundreds of years ago but they are not the original Jews. The original Jews are the ones in the mythological but loosely historical Bible which are Black Hebrews. Stop calling these people Jews. They are not Jews. They are merely perverters of Judaism via their racist Talmudic dogma. That brand of Judaism wants to kill the goyim and the Gentiles which is everyone who is not Jewish. They will even kill their own like they did during the Holocaust. 

Similarly these Khazarian Ashkhenazis are not Semites. Arabs are Semites and several other tribes from that part of the world that speak similar dialects. Yiddish is not one of those dialects. Anti-Semitic in reference to the misnamed white Jews makes no sense at all. These people have even co-opted the English language and twisted it to their own meaning.

Khazarian Ashkhenazis are not Jews nor are they Semites. They should called what they are: perverters of Judaism. Not all of these people support the global agenda of those in power but many of them do. Many of those that do not or would not support these evil people do not understand their religion has been infiltrated and debased. The same thing has happened to Christianity. Americans do not even realize they are worshipping the wrong God.

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