Black Women in the Bedroom

February 24, 2009

I understand now why most black women are horrible in the bedroom. There are many factors but there is none more influential than religion. Black people are hardcore Christians. We are raised to believe in original sin, that we are dirty and guilty.  The Bible says women are unclean during their menstrual cycles. Black women internalize this and carry it with them their whole lives.

One factor that does mitigate black female reservation in the bedroom is financial stability. When women have their bills paid they don’t worry as much. Men are the opposite. We want more sex and wilder sex when our bills are late but this goes back to what my ex-best friend once told me. Women want a man that can protect them and make them feel safe. Despite this consumer culture of emptiness that is still true. My ex-best friend also told me that women love chest and arms. He was right on that one too. I tried to convey to him that most women want a taller man as well but he wouldn’t buy it because of the guilt he felt from being over six feet with me at a mere five foot seven.

So we have discussed religion and money as reasons that black women are reserved in the bedroom but there are other reasons as well. I can personally attest to the fact that black women consider freaky sex insulting and disrespectful. I have had a black woman tell me during sex not to treat her like no “white bitch”.

Another reason is simply stress. Black women these days have to be the breadwinners because they do not want “good guys” like myself because we cannot give them orgasms in the bedroom. They want thugs because the “bad boy” gets them off. That’s evolution folks. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Most women these days would rather be a notch on a bad boy’s belt than have a good guy dedicated to them. Most I said. Nothing is absolute. The stress on black women to earn money often leads to depression. Put these together and you have a low libido, not good for the bedroom. Raising a kid by yourself will take the freak out of anyone.

The last but not least factor in black women’s low libido and lack of desire for sexual experimentation is really two factors hand in hand: diet and exercise. Put simply, black women and black people in general, due mostly to financial factors and lack of knowledge of proper nutrition, eat like crap. Most food is greasy, full of hormones, fast food, pizza and the like. That crap wreaks havoc on one’s libido not to mention one’s health.

The one factor that can mitigate that negative effect is exercise. Exercise cleans out the system of many toxins in our modern diet but most black women do not exercise. Exercise also has the added benefit of raising sex hormone levels which naturally increase the libido. I’ve taken breaks from exercising when I got tired of it and I immediately noticed a sudden drop in my libido. As soon as I returned to it, so did my libido.

I almost forgot one. This one is from my ex-best friend as well. Amazingly that guy almost never got laid but he knew what women liked. To put it bluntly black women don’t masturbate and this goes back to the religion thing. Black women are raised to think masturbation is dirty so most don’t do it. If you don’t know what you like in bed, how the hell is anyone else supposed to know? I give up. I’m tired of seeing fine black women and then being disappointed in the bedroom. I don’t even ask that much but I need more than missionary, no religious pun intended.


  1. Nice info! Very cool post.I have looked over your blog a few times and I love it.

  2. I’m not off the deep end and there is nothing wrong with me that is not wrong with anyone else. This is not a commentary on me. It’s a commentary of every brother I know because they all say the same thing about how reserved and reluctant black women are the bedroom. Did you even listen to what I was saying? It’s astonishing how diminished the ability of Americans to think has become but even the stupid are entitled to their wrong opinion. I suppose next I’m a conspiracy theorist for knowing for a fact that Christianity is a sham and a scam that has destroyed the minds of black people.

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