Black Zionism and Ashkenazis

February 21, 2009

I was raised in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, AMEZ for short. My mother still works for them. My father was an AMEZ minister for almost his entire life. I researched the origin of the term several times before and found that the AME church existed before AME Zion and the ME church existed before the AME. Basically blacks had to form their own church, hence the African designation, because whites didn’t want to worship with what they considered a lesser species due to their indoctrination into Hamatic mythology found  in the Bible. Jews were responsible for that lie and were also the ones that largely profited from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. It is exactly how and why Jews own and control everything today in this country.

I never gave much thought to the Zion part of AMEZ until recently. Zion is a reference to Mount Zion just outside of Jerusalem. In other words it is the homeland of what the Bible calls “God’s chosen people”. Many European Jews falsely believe that reference is to them (because of the lies of powerful Jews) and many blacks accept it as well even though there are no white people in the Bible and evolution could not have changed their skin color in just a few thousand years. European Jews have absolutely no claim to Palestine at all. The Bible is clearly referring to Black Hebrews, not the Khazars from eastern Europe that converted to Judaism and later become Ashkenazi Jews, the bulk of white Jews today.

The problem is that Euro-Jews now control the media after amassing so much wealth from the slave trade and by duping insecure whites into barking up the racial tree. Most people accept that the Holocaust really happened when in fact it is certain that no more than two million Jews died during WWII and many of them from regular military service. The photos we’ve seen of the death camps have been doctored and/or forged. On top of that we know that Jews financed the Nazis so that Jews ended up paying for the Holocaust themselves, if any real holocaust actually happened. The Jews had bankruputed Germany and Hitler could not have even afforded to build concentration camps without Jewish loans. The Jewish “nolocaust” was invented to evoke sympathy from the rest of the world so that Jews even today can call everyone that disagrees with Zionism or Israel an anti-Semite, a term that doesn’t even make sense because Arabs are Semites, not Ashkenazi Euro-Jews.

In short, black people in America and worldwide have been victims of a massive fraud. I’m not saying the Bible is true. It clearly isn’t, at least in its modern form, but if it was then Zion would be a call for Black Hebrews to return to their homeland, not some group of Europeans that converted to Judaism around 140 AD. In other words modern Zionism is a lie built on top of another lie. Who knows the truth? Probably no one but we do know the lies of the Jews are separate from the lies of religious mythology.

Black people use the term Zion, as in the song “Marching to Zion”, to refer to a place of peace in this life or an afterlife where we will no longer be judged by the legacy of the Jewish Hamatic myth. The adoption of that terminology is misguided because it lends credence to the Jewish lies that have enslaved us for centuries in one form or another. Zion is not a reward in some afterlife. It is the same land that Israel now occupies illegally that belongs to Black Hebrews that lived there during biblical times. The Jews in power are liars and even the Bible itself warns against them in various passages, although white Jews obfuscate that by claiming to be God’s chosen people, thereby evoking fear into Christians.

Ethnically speaking, black Americans have a greater claim to Palestine than any white European ever could. Blacks continue to believe the lies of our captors and perpetuate our enslavement by electing Obama, a Zionist himself, to the highest office of the land. This ahistorical and conformist approach to religious modernity will take us nowhere except where we are which is the same. The Bible may be full of lies but white Jews cannot possibly be the group to which “God’s chosen people” refers. Religion is a prison for the mind and nearly the entire black race is incarcerated by Jewish falsehood and nonsense. Just because the Bible has been altered from its original form, which was probably mythology as well, does not mean that Jews are telling the truth. One lies always requires another to sustain it or the house of cards tumbles.

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