Voting for Obama was a favor to blacks?

December 29, 2008

White people that voted for Obama are now free to be as racist as they want to be. Yes that’s right. Voting for Obama automatically cancels the debt owed blacks from slavery. It also levels the playing field in all areas of life and makes affirmative action completely unnecessary. Obama’s election means the word “nigger” will never be uttered again except by gangsta rap artists.

Please………….If voting for Obama was actually a substantive favor to blacks then McCain would have won easily. To the contrary, black people did white people a huge favor by voting for Obama. That goes for white conservatives and white liberals. White conservatives usually vote against their economic interests so blacks did them a favor there because Obama will help them much more than McCain would have. White liberals will benefit because whenever the people benefit as a whole then whites always disproportionately benefit because of continued white privilege and supremacy. Obama has ushered in the era of race-neutral, color blindness. Light-skinned black people have never had it so good. They’re everywhere now. Just see how many you see on tv in an hour. You won’t believe it compared to the number of dark-skinned blacks, if you see any of those at all.

There will be no end to the clarion call for reparations so forget about that white folks. All of my black friends report a huge upsurge in white anger, resentment and hostility since Obama won and not only from rednecks but so-called liberals as well. Pulling a lever is easy when there is only one decent choice but I guess reparations are still off the table in the eyes of most whites. That would have gone a long way in resolving the race issue in America. Now the international bankers are making off with everyone’s money, whites included, because whites chose the wrong ally: the rich.

Black people didn’t just do whites a huge favor either. We did gays a favor by voting for Obama. We also did Jews a huge favor because Obama is an unequivocal supported of Israel and AIPAC. Palestinians will continue to be slaughtered unless a powerful outside nation like Russia or China intervenes. In fact black people did everyone a favor by voting for Obama except ourselves. We just gave white people the excuse they need to not feel guilty about 500 years of continuing oppression and their unearned, inherited privilege.

I didn’t vote myself but I would have voted for Nader or McKinney, not Obama. Next time black folk, don’t do us any favors.


  1. Hey, George, as usual, I agree with most of this (I don’t know about the doing Gays a favour part because I don’t know of any privileges that gays will get for the fact of being gay, so I must keep silent on this..)

    However, the past month I have discovered a site by a woman in Alaska, Niki Rapaana, who is against a thing called Communitarianism. I am with her all the way, even though I couldn’t give it a fancy name until I found out what it was. http://nikiraapana.blogspot.com/ her site is fascinating, informative, and gives me much to catch up on, but the important thing here is… Obama’s ties to a truly EVIL man, Amitai Etzioni.
    Do check it out.

  2. Keep it coming.

    Since reading your comments over at BAR, your blog is now my #2 go to site. I am reading everything starting at your first post. I am watching the Strecker Memo now, and I will keep reading until current. You see clearly the many faceted problems facing America and Blacks in particular. I have found a bit of solace in your postings as I am really wrestling with the Christianity thing. I am finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile the idea of a good god with so much human suffering. Methinks the only people in the world that believes god is good are Americans and her allies. And the only reason we still believe in a good god is because our ATM cards are still functional.


    As this empire crumbles, do you think American’s opinion of god and religion will change?

  3. You are correct G. America worships money and the power that comes with it. Our government has been infiltrated by the globalist bankers and we no longer have any influence in its actions or policies. Politicians work for corporations and corporations work for the same globalist cartel of international bankers. We are sheeple. That is all. We exist merely to consume their products in their eyes. Even the monetary system is a huge fraud as the illegal private corporation the Federal Reserve continues to print money out of thin air with nothing backing it and charging Americans interest for doing so which is pure profit for the bankers. Everything that is happening is by design. Some people believe it is too monstrous a conspiracy to be true. It is……but it is still true. These bankers (Rothschilds, Rockefellers and several other families) are actually Satanists but not in the Christian sense. They are actually a group of pedophiles that believe there is power in human sacrifice that they can tap into. They are a very sick bunch indeed which is probably why they stay behind the scenes pulling the strings from afar. I am glad I have been helpful in your pursuit of the the ultimate truth because it is a never-ending journey that I myself am I still on as well.

    In answer to your question religion has been irrelevant in this country for some time as part of any morality. Christians believed slavery was ok and many still do. I believe religion does not make people good but it does give people a reason to be bad without remorse. Christianity is nothing but white nationalism. It’s what white people mean when they say “God and country”. They mean “We are God” and “This is our country”. Everything that white people are was stolen from ancient African and Asian civilizations as Anglos conquered and colonized the world using stolen technology and leaving a path of destruction, desolation and disease in their wake. I do not hate white people. White people hate themselves and they project that anger onto nonwhites. They have no spirituality which leads them to thrill-seek at every turn. They are empty inside because they cannot connect with anyone or nature at a spiritual level. They envy this capability of other races, especially blacks.

    Religion will eventually crumble worldwide as young people embrace science and the older superstitious generations grow old. Religion was ever meant to inspire morality for whites. It was meant to give hope to the hopeless so we do not struggle against our oppressors in this life. There is nothing beyond the grave but nonexistence in my opinion. Our atoms return to nature and eventually become part of something else. Black people are especially vulnerable to this mythology since we are the most oppressed people on Earth. Few people know that the Jews actually created the Hamatic myth, which basically says darker skin people are inferior. That became the basis for African slavery throughout the colonized world. Jews made a fortune and still are making a fortune. They work for the global elite and are not to be trusted except for a few. Whenever I say this I am branded an anti-Semite but I am against evil and that includes the government of Israel and all of its supporters, including Barack Obama. Man made religion and it is up to us to destroy it. Religion and morality cannot co-exist.

    Take care my friend. I will continue to do what I can to free my people’s minds from the mental enslavement forced on them through Jewish mythology.

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