Review of Religulous: Maher falls short

December 27, 2008

I just watched Bill Maher’s documentary Religulous and just like his HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher” Bill goes easy on the Jews, avoids confronting white supremacy and labels all Arabs as terrorists. Maybe he should do a 9/11 documentary as well. Maher seems to be suffering from a bit of cognitive dissonance at times. He may have been raised Catholic but he’s 100% Jewish and pro-Israel when it comes to Zionism. At one point he makes fun of a group of Jews that protest Israel’s Zionist policies. Judaism itself specifically teaches against the Zionist behavior of the Israeli government and military so why is Maher picking on the good guys?

During the documentary Maher actually relents against religion on several occasions which I found disturbing. Do you stop going to the doctor if your cancer is in remission? He cites one time when he used his belief in God to stop himself from doing something (he never says what it was) as if it really was God that cured his affliction. The point is not whether religion is all bad or not. It isn’t. The point is that the zeal it generates in people has the potential, given the vast technological resources at our current disposal, to wipe out all life on Earth.

At one point Maher talks to a man dressed up as what whites think Jesus would look like; white male, sandals, robe, beard, etc. First of all Jesus was not white. The Bible clearly establishes that he was a Hebrew and Hebrews are not white people with tans. Second Maher just doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of God and country because he refuses to wrestle with white supremacy. Christianity is white nationalism plain and simple. That’s what God and country means. White is right. This is our land. We are our own gods.

Believers always talk about how their beliefs are personal. Beliefs are not personal. They are based on the religion itself you observe unless you invent your own. What believers mean, and we see many examples during the film, is that they don’t want to have to justify the illogic and impossibility of  parts of their religion that makes absolutely no sense because it would and does shake their faith. Maher was verbally attacked and scorned, particularly by the Mormons, for the questions he asked on several occasions. I don’t doubt it could have gotten violent because that is how religious fanatics behave. Agree with me or die!!!

I applaud the film for exposing how modern religions are just plagiarized from earlier ones, mostly Egyptian mythology. It also wraps up with the excellent point that we either have to “grow up or die” because technology and religion are a lethal mix. I only wish it had omitted the Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens-like anti-Arab sentiment that we so often see from white men who do not attack Christianity with the same fervor. People who have nothing to live for are always more willing to die for something.

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