God is good?

December 26, 2008

This is a favorite statement of black Christians and Jesus freaks. God is good. Really? God is good? How does one arrive at such a conclusion? Anything that benefits them is seen as good regardless of the impact on others. Saying God is good without the benefit extending to all of humanity is an exercise in egoism, not morality. Isn’t it interesting how some religious people attribute positive things to God while negative things get blamed on either bad luck, Satan or God teaching them a lesson? Which is it? If God can defeat evil whenever it wants why not do it now? Why must the prophecy be fulfilled so that more carnage happens first? What “good” would that do?

The problem isn’t so much whether God is good or not but what is the definition of good. For God to be good God would have to care about every single detail of every person’s life on the planet. If God cares it has a strange way of showing it. It should be painfully obvious that if humans gets to choose what is considered good then we are actually playing the role of God. I know that man made God and not the other way around but religious people seem to think that God exists to serve them instead of them serving it. Saying God is good means God does things for you that you find agreeable whether it’s being in good health, not being homeless, having a good job, having frequent and great sex, etc. What these people overlook is that at the same time God is supposedly blessing them with all these “good” things most other people aren’t getting squat. These may be other Christians, atheists, Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims or whoever. If God loves everyone as Christians say  why he would favor some people in this life over others?

This is usually where religious people fall back on their so-called faith. Religious faith means not being able to explain something in such a way that it supports your own beliefs. It is obvious from simple logic that God is not good, at least from a human perspective if it truly is omnipotent. The examples of suffering in this life are too innumerable but religious people say it’s all part of God’s plan or he works in mysterious ways. If that is the case then why don’t they thank God for the bad things that happen to them because those should be equally pleasing if it all comes from God, (assuming you don’t die from whatever happened). Good is a human concept. If there was no lottery then winning the lottery would not be a good thing. It would just be a bunch of words. Humans, like Agent Smith said in the movie “The Matrix”, define themselves through misery. It is this misery that serves as a reference point for what we consider good and bad.

I can decide to do good things at any time of any day that would be interpreted as good by other people or people that may actually benefit from my good deeds. Does that make me a god too since I was able to produce good in the life of another human? Our concepts of good and evil, right and wrong, are purely relativistic. If it makes us feel good then we interpret it as good when in fact the very same occurrence may bring misery and suffering on others. The perfect example is the high standard of living in the United States. Christians believe they are blessed at the expense of others whom God also supposedly loves. I guess Christians think that God just loves Americans more since we have more money and bombs. Our way of life is directly and indirectly responsible for more suffering on the planet than any other single factor in existence today and yet we cling to our VIP status with God. It is delusional at best and abysmally amoral at its worst. Nothing reveals the true lack of morality and innate self-interest of man more than religion. If God really wanted to help us then it would get rid of religion.

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