Hating Hypocritical Holidays

December 24, 2008

Christmas is just one of America’s many hypocritical holidays. What I don’t understand is why we continue the ruse, lying to ourselves that it’s all about the birth of Jesus when it’s really the birth of an HDTV that will live much longer than Jesus did. (That was a joke. I don’t believe Jesus ever existed and that is nearly a historical fact. At most he was just man and not divine at all). What would be wrong with expanding Xmas to include several days so that we could get the consumerism over with and then observe the true meaning? Instead we replaced the religion with materialism and commercialism, never looking back. I shouldn’t complain I suppose. After all this is another huge step toward eradicating religion. The problem is that we ignore the religion but still claim to be adherents clinging to our fear of eternal damnation and the social stigma of nonbelief.

It actually makes sense for Xmas to be about consumerism because its predecessors were pagan holidays as well. What doesn’t make sense is to make up another savior using the same recycled dogma we see in almost every religion and then say the savior was born on the day we know is really the Winter Solstice. Religious people are a plagiaristic bunch.

So if truth be told Xmas belongs more to nonbelievers than believers, although I seriously question whether most believers believe anything other than they might go to hell if they don’t say the right things, regardless of what they actually believe. We certainly don’t do as Jesus commanded so that should make us ask: “Do we just not care if we go to hell?” or “Do we just not believe the story” or “Are we so consumed with consumption that we haven’t given it much or any thought?”.  I think most Americans would answer the last one. Christians take the parts of their religion they like and jettison the rest. Try doing that with Islam or Hinduism and see if you wake up with all of your limbs. If you’re lucky they’ll let you choose the one you want to lose.

I’m just bored with America. We’re goofy. Everything and everyone is so shallow and preoccupied with things that don’t matter in the least to anyone but them and their narrow circle of symbiotic consumers. Who cares who won American Idol? I don’t. Who cares if a chocolatier opened at the mall? I don’t. Who cares if Plaxico Burress shot himself with his own gun by mistake? Once again….I don’t give a damn but these are the things people seem to care about, probably because we hear very little else from not reading or listening to non-mainstream sources of media. We live in an infotainment society where few know or care about broader, far reaching issues that impact us and others across the world in substantive ways. Bring that stuff up and you are a party-pooper, nerd, geek or loser. Women are the worst at dishing out these abuses because they have a much more narrow view of what it is to be “normal”. If you don’t fit then they would pretty much rather not even know you existed. Frankly that goes both ways.

Of course Xmas is the only offending holiday. Columbus Day, Thanksgiving Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, Independence Day and others are even more offensive because they deal with reality instead of the mythology of of organized religion. From my point of view I don’t see anything organized about. Maybe that will eventually lead to its demise but for now I’m tired of fighting the hypocrisy and the infantilism. Most of us get what we deserve. Unfortunately I will probably not be one of them.

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