Is God Black?

December 18, 2008

I was thinking about how black people were brainwashed here and abroad for many centuries and still today in certain areas to believe that God is white. How could that possibly be? If God created man, (which it didn’t because evolution did), then why would a white God create black people first? We know black people came way before whites because white people came from Africans that migrated out of what is now Africa after they lost their pigmentation from climate and diet changes.

The point is only a black God would create black people first. Assuming then that God is black then it also implies that it doesn’t care about black people or else it would never have allowed white supremacy to come into being along with all the oppression of blacks that it entails. That means that since God is black and doesn’t care what happens to black people then God is not love. If God is not love then there is either no benevolent  God or no god at all. Get the picture?

I’m just making the sarcastic yet logical point that race doesn’t make sense. We look the way we look for environmental and genetic reasons only. If there is a God it would have no reason to exist in human form. Such questions are the stuff of folly but many Americans believe God has a race and a gender. What a sick bunch we are but that’s what religion does to people. It gives them hope to believe in things that cannot possibly be true. I wish I could freeze myself or induce a coma until religion was gone and then wake back up to live the rest of my life in peace. Of course someone would probably think I had been resurrected from the dead when I woke up and the whole thing would start all over again.

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