Mumbai Mumbo Jumbo

December 4, 2008

Let me demonstrate to the uninformed how easy it is to figure out how our government works. I haven’t even been closely following the events in Mumbia, formerly Bombay. The corporate media, the only one we have really, has been evoking 9/11 to describe the recent attacks in Mumbai as if the 11,000 people that died in Bhopal from Unocal dumping poison into their environment just happened by accident. That’s the first key: callousness and disregard for all human life except their own worthless existence.

Second who stands to gain from India and Pakistan being at odds? India has the world’s fourth largest supply of oil. Pakistan’s government was involved in orshestrating the 9/11 attacks. India and Pakistan are both nuclear powers who are not part of the Nuclear Non-Profileration Treaty along with North Korea. We all know the US is the largest consumer of oil in the world. We also know that the phony war on terrorism is just to steal oil from the Middle East and ensure Israel’s military dominance of the region.

What else do you need to know? Specifics don’t even matter at this point. Our hands have blood on them. They have since the native American genocide, African slavery and Japanese internment. They still have blood on them and are getting bloodier day by day while the American people sit on their butts watching tv and fighting each other over who gets to serve the very same corporate empire. We a modern day Babylon and I am ashamed to be a US citizen.

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  1. Great post, brief and to the point!! Everyone does forget Bhopal, thanks for reminding us!!
    mary http://www.palestinethinktank.com

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