Assuaging White Guilt 101

November 30, 2008

White supremacy takes so many forms that I could spend the rest of my life expounding upon it and not come anywhere close to an exhaustive analysis. One particularly insidious form of white supremacy is how it causes not only nonwhites to prefer lighter skin over darker skin but also how it causes white people to live in ahistorical denial about their true genetic makeup, (and others’ as well), since white supremacy is based primarily upon the visual cues of various skin pigmentations. Almost every American whose family has lived in this ill-gotten land for several generations has European, African or Asian blood in them. If race were based upon genetics then there would be no racism because Americans are basically a bunch of mongrels, present company included.

But we know that white racism is based largely on skin coloration with facial and body features playing a smaller role in the identification process. Some people are so close to appearing white, even though they may be close to 100% genetically black, that they are able to “pass” as a white person. When whites cannot identify the race of an individual they temporarily suspend racist judgment of them until they confidently determine ethnicity somehow. Whites would have to mistakenly condemn a white person to a life of blackness. In fact this is known as “passing” and still happens today. Most overtly racist people in America are not whites but nonwhites. Many Asians, including Indians (natives from India), possess extremely racist beliefs when they come to America and which only worsen after assimilating with the dominant white power structure. There are many Africans that hold negative beliefs about African Americans. Even many Afro-Caribbeans hold negative views of African Americans despite the fact that whites enslaved all of us. Most of these false beliefs stem from negative stereotyping of blacks in the media so that many in these non-black minority groups also come to believe that blacks are inherently lazy, shiftless, violent and oversexed.

The thing about skin racism, or “skinism” as I prefer to accurately call it, is that it completely separates the person from their culture and individuality. That means white people are free to treat blacks and other groups they fear and loathe as monoliths on issues like crime and education but then still supposedly have real black friends, although those black friends are only acceptable if they are self-hating “Uncle Tom” blacks like Clarence Thomas who deny their own culture and heritage to appear more palatable to whites. This also helps assuage white guilt which originates from willingly or unwillingly receiving undeserved benefits from a system that still oppresses and marginalizes non-whites to this very day to varying degrees in almost every aspect of society.

Another method that whites use to assuage the guilt for the crimes of their ancestors, and their current complicity in the ongoing legacy of slavery, is family trees. White people in America are bored with whiteness. It’s not hard to understand why. Whites voted for Obama because of the economy but not being white also helped him. There really is no white culture, unless you consider it an amalgamation of European contributions from Italians, Greeks, Irish and others. Those people are actually separate races themselves. They only become white when they come to America to benefit from the system erected on white skin privilege. Make no mistake. That is why Europeans come to America. They may say they want a better life but that unnecessarily translates into the exploitation of other ethnic groups, namely blacks and Latinos.

When whites trace their roots they simply omit all blacks and other races that might make whites consider them non-white and include those that they don’t perceive as having negative stigmas with financial consequences. It is key that other whites not be able to visually identify any such ethnic heritage. It’s all about whites wanting to be part of a real culture but without having to endure the oppression that comes with the territory, as if that somehow absolves them of the historical crimes forming the bedrock of their social status. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard whites admit to being part Cherokee or some other tribe that was local to this part of the country but then fly into a rage when it is suggested they might have black ancestry as well. This is what I refer to as “totem pole” racism. White people long to be connected to non-white people because there is no white race and hence have no cultural authenticity. There are only people with what we call white skin, which is clearly closer to a peach color than white just like most blacks are really a shade of brown. It is an effective techniquie for dividing people when society reinforces the belief that black is evil and white is good.

White supremacy hurts white people but whites would rather maintain the system of privileges than ignore skin color and live amongst everyone else as equals. They don’t believe they could survive and compete without the unfair advantages thrust upon them at birth and which they grow up believing to be completely normal. Blacks are the reference point for the bottom of the totem pole but as a substitute for real human connection which is why many whites like adopt some meaningless aspect of other cultures to make them feel a part of something spiritual. This is a secondary system of racism within racism. Lighter skinned races are preferred over darker ones for whites that think it makes them “not so white” to have oppressed people in their family trees as proof that they are somehow not racist or complicit in their reception of white skin privilege. To whites the only racists become skinheads, Klansmen and other violently extremist groups.

Another good example of this phenomenon, whereby whites assuage guilt by embracing only native American ancestry invisible to the naked eye, is white people that love black culture. We call them negrophiles. They are enamored with different aspects of blackness but usually find blacks just as reprehensible as your run-of-the-mill KKK member. If whites really cared about their native American ancestry, outside of just wanting to be something other than just white, they would not celebrate Thanksgiving. It would be an abomination to them, as it shoud be to all of us, just like the racist names and mascots common in professional sports that make a mockery of the genocide committed by whites’ ancestors. We can never solve the problem of race until we come face to face with it. Apparently most whites in and out of power are still unwilling to do so. That means for now whites will continue to deny that racism is still a problem in America even when they go through these elaborate schemes that prima facie prove the contrary. The day is approaching when whiteness itself will be equated with racism and lack of true civilization instead of the greatness the Founding Fathers had hoped would be their legacy. Then and only then will mankind be able to achieve its potential instead of living the lie that is global white supremacy.

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