Al Qaeda Smaeda………….

November 24, 2008

Folks there is no Al Qaeda hellbent on the destruction of western society. Is this angle still working on some mindless segment of the population? Today it was announced that Al Qaeda’s second in command, Al-Zawahiri, wants further attacks against the US under Obama. The first 9/11 was not carried out by Al Qaeda. If you have not figured that out by now then you are truly lost. The double agents of the largely overblown Al Qaeda work for the CIA just like Bin Laden, who is now dead.

The only threat to this country is from the government itself and the corporations they work for as they have already completed planning of another false flag terror attack on the American people. No one knows for sure where it will be this time but there is string speculation that the Los Angeles area will be targeted with a suitcase nuke. And you thought 24 was just a Hollywood fantasy. If you pay attention to the movies coming out of Hollywood it can tell you a lot about American foreign policy and what the elite have in store for mankind in the near future.

But it’s still the corporations stupid. They pay the government to scare the American people, mostly whites who fear everyone that isn’t white, Russia excluded, with classic scare tactics and fearmongering. Then they take your rights and go to war to make corporations richer. This is straight from the Nazi propaganda playbook. It you do not know history you are not only doomed to repeat, you may very well be doomed by it.

If you still think this is the greatest country on Earth just because we used to have a high standard of living from pilfering and pillaging other countries then you just haven’t been paying much attention. As cliche as it sounds everything that goes up must come down. In our case it’s going to be a violent crash instead of a level descent. All we had to do was value each human being on the planet equally and not put the rich above the poor. Would that have been so hard? And no, there is no Jesus coming back to save us. If anything it would be to condemn us.

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  1. Whoever they are, they’re nuts.

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