What I’m thankful for: Nothing

November 23, 2008

Every year I write a piece about Thanksgiving in America the land of lies and home of historical revisionism and every year nothing changes. Americans are just programmed to do the bidding of corporations. We have our thought boxes on all day absorping as much propaganda and subliminal suggestion as humanly possible. We don’t know what we really believe because to actually think for yourself requires the tv to not be on. We are told what to believe and many of us are just fine with that. I guess thinking was overrated anyway. There really must be something in the water in America. Actually it’s sodium fluoride, a known human toxin that dumbs down adults and causes brain damage in babies. It obviously works.

Instead of my usual reflection on the past atrocities this nation has committed against the indigenous people and others in conjunction with the financial fleecing of America via these consumerist holidays, I’d like to take us down a different yet equally objectionable road this time around. Americans love lists. We love to make lists of all sorts of things, especially at this time of year. During Thanksgiving we make lists of things we are thankful for. Most people say family, friends, their health, yada yada yada. These are all the things that we’re supposed to say because they are intangibles and we don’t like to believe just how shallow and materialistic we really are. Americans don’t value friendship. A recent study showed that almost all of us have less than three close friends. That is not reflective of a society that values friendship. How about our families? Well every time someone is killed guess who the police question first? Right, the family. Do we even value our health? Well we eat fast food all day, allow sodium fluoride in our water, rarely exercise and take dangerous prescription drugs all the time. It doesn’t sound like we value our health either to me.

This is America’s problem in a nutshell: lies. When you lie to yourself it’s called a delusion and we are delusional as hell in America. It’s probably why we spend so much time at the shrink getting prescriptions that lie to us even further that everything is ok. Truth be told Americans value their possessions because we are professional commodity fetishists. We value power too, which is really nothing more than the ability to control what other people value. White people value their skin privilege. Americans value houses, cars, expensive food, clothing and vacations. We are consumers consumed by consumption. Dumb, fat and happy is what we are. And oh yes, doomed as hell we are as well. We almost never see the light from the oncoming train at the end of the tunnel. When we do we pretend it’s Jesus.

What really bugs me about these people who say they are thankful for things and who want to know what I’m thankful for is the assumption that I’m thankful for anything. When people say they’re thankful for something the implication is that God, making the huge assumption that a benevolent god exists, gave it to them or caused something personally favorable to happen to them. I’ve always wondered that if God does good things for some people then isn’t that to the exclusion of others? In other words if a guy wins the lottery then shouldn’t God make everyone win the lottery or some equivalent prize? I don’t think religious people really care too much about that. They want God to be good to them and pretty much screw everyone else. Sounds like a nice religion doesn’t it?

It is insulting to me for people to assume everyone they meet is a believer. If I’m not supposed to be thankful to God then who am I actually thanking? Am I thanking my boss because he gave me a decent raise? I betcha he got an even bigger one or I never would’ve seen a dime. Some people are actually shallow enough to thank their false god for material possessions. These are the equivalent of the end zone celebrations in football where the person who scores points up at the sky to give their god credit for the touchdown. Yeah, you didn’t know that God was a huge football fan? I just hope the Redskins aren’t playing on Thanksgiving Day because the Cowboys sure as hell will be. Do I even need to explain the horrific irony of that?

So I am officially thankful for nothing. I’ve had plenty of bad luck in my life to go along with the good or at least the good and bad as I see it and that’s the thing. Nothing is intrinsically good or bad. It’s all about how humans perceive and filter those events through their own personal baggage. Unfortunately most Americans don’t know who they are because they allow corporations to define them. Am I glad I’m not dead? Most days. Am I glad I have a job ultimately serving the corporate elite? No. It makes me feel awful I have to do that just so I don’t have to live with my mother. Am I thankful for food, clothing and shelter? That’s impossible because those are all things I bought with the money from the job I’m not thankful for. Besides, most food is full of carcinogenic chemicals, clothing is only needed in public to keep from being arrested for indecent exposure and to keep from freezing in the winter and my rent is too high. But now that I think about it I am thankful for two things: 1) I’m thankful that I can think independently of corporate and consumerist influence while envisioning a better world and 2) That I’m not one of the people that can’t. God didn’t do that. I did.

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