Generation N

November 23, 2008

It’s normal to be somewhat cocky in your younger years. You feel like you are never going to get old and that nothing can hurt you. It’s not true but that’s how many young people feel. I was young once. I’m thirty-eight now and I still feel somewhat indestructible. Of course my injuries don’t heal as quick anymore and I have to use Grecian formula for my hair but that’s another story. I hope I am not becoming a middle-aged curmudgeon that fails to understand the generation gap. When I was young there were people who thought they were they were gods as well but youth today have taken it a step further. I guess I’ll never know what it feels like to be a “hot” guy because I’m only 5’8″ 150lbs dripping wet and most women like tall guys but I don’t think I’m overstepping my bounds when I say that the current Generation X is actually Generation N for narcissism.

Everywhere I turn these days all I see is teenagers and twenty-somethings heaping self-praise on themselves for having done little to absolutely nothing. It’s like the youth of America are becoming a bunch of Paris Hiltons. It’s fine to be confident but you look like an insecure idiot when you walk around worshipping yourself with no actual substantive achievements. Young people these days are just downright full of it and it’s why young people have so few friends. They overestimate and constantly delude themselves. It’s as if they are attempting to channel Hollywood and all of the bloviating BS they see on tv. ?Young people that have not figured out who they are yet are very vulnerable to the negative effects of television. Too many young people are modeling themselves after what they see on tv so instead of developing their natural abilities over time.  The result is an empty shell and substitute fantasy of who they would like to be. They then spend all of their time trying to convince the rest of us that they are in fact that person or something close to it and hence deserving of our praise. This bloated hubris of projection has huge ramifications not only for American society but the entire flattening world of globalism since we are exporting this mentality to emerging countries like Brazil, India and China. If corporations are going to be allowed to mold our children, since parents aren’t doing the job, then what type of future will any of us have?

This self-obsession is destroying America as we speak. It is actually concealing massive insecurities that would normally assuage over time if youth were allowed to develop in a normal psychological manner but tv preempts, pardon the pun, this process and perverts it. I have yet to see anyone completely recover from this cancer of complete self-absorption. It is surely tied to our consumer culture and technocracy but it is much more than that. It’s almost as if we are raising a generation of people seeking individuality but actually end up being carbon copies of each other. People who think they are god’s gift to everything are usually good for nothing. This is the by-product of American nativism, exceptionalism and hyperindividualism that is cultivated by capitalism and social engineering. The worst part is that if I’m talking about you then there is almost no chance you even have the capacity to see how damaged a person you really are. Maybe I should be writing an articl about how great I really am.

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