Obama suckered blacks (and we don’t care)

November 16, 2008

The selection of a genocidal, homicidal Zionist as Obama’s Chief of Staff tells me everything I need to know about his agenda for the next four years. Obama, whether he wants to be or not, is a black man. Black people in America have been victims of genocide by whites for centuries. Our total annihilation is the plan and if whites are not actively participating in it, then most of the rest tacitly go along with it by turning a deaf ears and blind eyes to our suffering. White apathy is a key feature of white supremacy. It allows whites to deny there is a problem while the same continues. It also allows them to dehumanize us so that when blacks suffer it’s like stepping on an ant to them. Hurricane Katrina was just one visible example. What more do blacks need to know to realize that this government has never and will never give a damn about us?

If blacks have suffered, still suffer and will suffer more in the future here in America for not being the right color then why did blacks hypocritically throw their votes to a man supporting the same treatment of the Palestinians by the Israeli government? What is wrong with us? Where is our moral compass? Our religion is dead. If religion doesn’t promote morality and peace then what is its purpose, (other than allowing politicians to manipulate us?) I am deeply and profoundly disappointed in black peoples’ inability to see through the lies and obfuscation of the corporate media to see Obama for what he is: a tool of the global white power structure.

It is not the job of black people to support other black people regardless of their agenda. Black people should support leaders that want to do the right thing, and not just the right thing for Americas, but the right thing for the world. Our support of Obama demonstrates exactly how damaging white supremacy has been to us. We would rather have a black face on white supremacy than a black face on morality. Americans don’t care what happens to the rest of the world. Whites may be apathetic to our concerns but nonwhite Americans are also largely apathetic toward the concerns of the rest of the world. Once people are indoctrinated into the western way of life of the self, the false American dream, hyperindividualism and the lies of freedom their purpose becomes nothing more than sustaining and maintaining corporate domination and dominion over every facet of human life on this planet.

What will happen is this: Despite Obama’s choice of the equivalent of a Jewish Hitler as the powerful White House Chief of Staff blacks will continue to support him, hoping for a morsel of financial aid in any form to trickle down to us. We have and will continue to make excuses for him and defend him against his white critics. We will call his white critics racists because we know that can damage their livelihoods by doing so, although no real change will ever come from that pathetic, pointless and powerless tactic. It just provides a taste of revenge and that is what blacks want in modern America. Supporting Obama was never about change or vetting policies. It was and still is about getting symbolic racial revenge on whites for centuries of abuse at the hands of this system while many whites lived it up at our historical expense. Whites will not be hurt by an Obama presidency as much as blacks. Blacks and other Americans should stop quoting MLK if we have no intention of ever adhering to anything for which they stood. We all just got played…..again. , Regardless of who becomes president, the same thing will happen in 2012.

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