The Religion of the NFL

November 9, 2008

It is quite possible in this country that there are more professional football worhsippers than there are actually devout Christians. Americans have a need to believe in something no matter how meaningless it actually is. Our government has been corrupted to the core and there are few decent role models in the world. We have nothing to believe in anymore except the lies we have been fed our entire lives. We hold onto these like Linus clenching his dear blanket, while we continue to suck our thumbs in pursuit of something to give meaning to the meaningless.

Enter the NFL. Does anyone wonder why most NFL regular season games are on Sunday. Well one reason is that most people are home on the weekend so they won’t miss it. Another is that Sunday is the day that active Christians go to church to perform their weekly ritualistic purging of sins. Forget about the sins of the government. We have to be forgiven for doing what feels good or what is instinctive. What better way to make money off football than to tie to religion? When Americans bow down to their god they are essentially bowing down to our government and everything else they feel powerless against.

Most religious people are fanatics. That is they will defend their religion to the death. NFL fans exhibit the same behavior. As if Americans weren’t already divided enough over race, gender, sexual preference and religion. Now we are also divided along NFL teams. The Cowboys are the arch enemies of the Redskins. Steeler fans hate Eagles fans. This is the corporatocracy at its peak efficacy. Every fiber of our mental being is manipulated for the sake of profit and control. Our negative energies and pack mentality are diverted onto the people we see everyday instead of the true enemies behind closed doors in multimillion dollar gated communities. We are sheeple. There is nothing wrong with a little escapism but Americans have turned professional football into a religion and it’s a mental illness.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a Dallas fan but I don’t want a Redskin fan to die or suffer because one group of huge men I don’t even know and who make lot of money scored more points than another group of the same. I don’t get upset for days when my team loses. For me when it’s over it’s over. That’s normal. The players are in a win-win situation because they get paid regardless while the fans continue losing jobs while inflation spirals out of control. Americans are frustrated and the NFL serves as a physical and mental vent for being completely out of control of our lives. If we cannot get along with each other then we cannot organize against the global masters and that is exactly why they do it to us. They need us to run their corporations and buy their products, plain and simple. If we ever discovered the power of that and acted on it the reign of the corporate terror would come to an abrupt end. They would be dragged out into the street and mercilessly beaten into bloody pulps.

The elite are able to isolate people by promoting hyper-individualism but also are effective at forcing people into well organized cultish pockets. Christians, gays, Dallas fans, sushi lovers, etc. What we are is a collection of our individual preferences and each one of them is exploited to isolate us while at the same time making us feel part of a small, disadvantaged community. It is obviously a very effective technique.

People these days have more methods of communication than ever in the history of mankind and yet we have the fewest close friends. How can that be? Technology has stolen our humanity. I am not against technology mind you. It is  wonderful when used to enhance our lives but it is being used as a substitute for real human contact, relationships and community. It has overstepped its bounds but not by chance. This is all part of the global elite’s diabolical plans to destabilize society, one by one. Their goal is to make us all feel completely alone in the world so that these huge problems that plague us seem insurmountable. They’re actually right. Without coming together they are insurmounatable. The question is do we have the intestinal fortitude and mental acuity to stop wallowing in our sorrows and realize that we are all victims in this plan. Sounds like a conspiracy doesn’t it? It is, but it’s no theory.

Blak Rant

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