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November 9, 2008

This system of generating wealth for corporations may seem complex to people who have been left behind in the digital divide but in reality it is actually quite simple. Americans are born into indoctrination whether we realize it or not. No one realizes it at the time because a child cannot conceive of such things normally. By the time the processis complete it is far too late for most Americans to undo the damage that has been done by schools, the media, their parents, politicians and themselves that have them bound to a system that is determined to exterminate them.

When we are born we know nothing of politics or corporations or the monetary system. Our first contact with any of them is probably through television where we are targeted by corporations for consumption of their toxic products whether it’s toys, toothpaste, fast food or what have you. Our next phase of indoctrination usually involved allowance. Our parents give us a small amount of money for performing various tasks around the house. This supposedly teaches us responsibility. I disagree. It really teaches you how to exchange labor for money. That is slavery.

By the time the tyke is in school he or she is well on their to becoming a brainwashed consumer. Public schools furthers the indoctrination by teaching the white supremacist, revisionist view of world history. Black achievements and contributions are minimized, marginalized or relegated to the historical dustbin. What black children get is lesson after lesson in how violent Malcolm X and the Black Panthers were and how Martin Luther King Jr was so much better because he was peaceful. This is exactly what a white society wants, black people espousing non-violence. I prefer to keep everything on the table. It goes without saying that white children are also damaged by this falsification of events. It is usually during this time that children are taught the Pledge of Allegiance. They don’t even know what it means but they know that anyone who doesn’t know it or say it is different from them. White children are already beginning to sense their special place in the world that has been created by the slaughter of people of color for centuries before them.

While the children are being indoctrinated via the public school system they are also most likely and concurrently being proselytyzed into theistic religion. Most parents are simply not mentally strong enough to breaks the bonds that were forced onto them as children so they simply pass it on to their own. That in fact is the norm. Most children do not have the option of exploring other religions or belief system. It is the parents’ way or the highway. That is usually not a bone of contention, however, since the parents’ religion will usually the be first one the child encounters. I can remember being forced out of bed every Sunday morning to go through the masochistic religion of weekly purging of sins. My mother would always say “The Lord took care of you all week. The least you could do is go to church for an hour or two.” I won’t even go into the apparent contradictions and outright falsehoods of that statement. Let’s just say that by the time teenagers finish, or drop out from, high school their mental proclivities has been thoroughly diminished and damaged by this nationalistic nonsense.

This is where the societal bifurcation begins. Those who do not go to college or even finish high school become society’s lower class or working class. They struggle to make ends meet. They often have children they cannot afford. They disproportionately suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. Their families are often unstable, etc. This goes across all races but white supremacy tells the forgotten whites that their enemy is people of color getting governmental benefits and not the old white men who run corporations.

Now that almost everyone, except perhaps those who went to private school or were raised by nonbelievers, has been indoctrinated to believe race is what matters and not class then the process of dividing and conquering us can begin. This is why the voting age is eighteen per the 26th amendment to the Constitution. This is also why we only have two parties in this country, one for poor whites and one for the rest. Poor whites and conservatives tend to see the world in terms in black and white. To them this is the greatest country on Earth and the good guys all the time. They see nonwhites in similar terms, as either all good or all bad, usually the latter. It is this type of thinking that traps them in a life of servitude to the elite.

Those who attend college fair better. Why? Because their skillsets are useful to corporations. What then happens is the more educated people often look down on their less educated friends and the less educated friends become spiteful, resentful and jealous of the material success of their more educated friends. This is class warfare. It is the dollar divide that sustains the duopoly in this country that ultimately benefits corporations and corporations alone. By allowing teenagers to vote politicians basically cement the divide. By blacking out third parties they are able to paint us as red vs blue when in fact it’s still rich vs poor. The middle class battles with the lower class over the crumbs from the rich. The middle class struggles for a little more and the lower class takes their anger out on whoever they can conveniently blame.

This cycle is exactly what is needed, coupled with rabid consumerism, to keep corporations thriving forever. Americans are gamed from the time they exit the birth canal. We are told that our leaders have been to Ivy League universities that have prepared them to lead the masses and make the critical decisions that must be made. In fact those so-called leaders are nothing but the next generation of the affluent who got into Harvard, Yale and the like because their parents either knew someone, paid someone or were alumni themselves. It has nothing to do with their ability to lead, their intelligence or anything that would suit them to hold the highest positions in this land. It is a farce, a lie and a direct attack on the self-esteem of a people who simply cannot afford to attend those universities. We internalize this as if the rich are just smarter and therefore deserve more than everyone else when in fact the truth is quite the opposite. Then we elect these bastards to run the country and they bend over backwards for corporations so they can get the return favor of campaign funds to keep getting re-elected. Career politicians, which is mostly what we have, are leeches. They are middle men between us and corporations. They lie to us like Obama to appease our feelings of insecurity, doubt and uncertainty and then turn and sign away our futures on the corporate dotted line. Wake up America. It is probably too late already.

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