Nader wonders if Obama will be an “Uncle Tom”

November 9, 2008

I’m tired of the mainstream media only listening to Ralph Nader when he says something that can be misconstrued by blacks to be racist. Nader should know better but sometimes negative attention is better than none at all. Remember a few months ago when Nader criticized Obama. Well this time Nader said he wondered whether Obama would be an Uncle Tom. In truth Obama cannot be a historically accurate Uncle Tom because his ancestors are not the descendants of African slaves but in a metaphorical sense he already fits the bill.

Apparently people this country don’t understand the principle of causality very well. It goes like this. There is first a cause for something and then there is an effect. How did Obama get elected? White men’s money. That was the cause. What is the effect? The effect is he will have to pay them back in various ways including continued expansion of militarism at home and abroad, continuing them media blackout on 9/11 truth, etc. The list goes on and on and Obama knows this. He campaigned on fighting special interests and lobbyists but could have never gotten elected without them. I know what happens behind closed doors. What is sad is that Obama’s two daughters have to be raised in all this hypocrisy and used as a prop to keep people loyal to Obama regardless of the negative impact of his domestic and foreign policies.

Technically I suppose Obama is not an Uncle Tom because those black people usually serve the white man for free, belittling themselves and the entire black race in the process. They just want whites to like them and see them as the exception to other blacks and not the rule. They want a piece of white supremacy. Obama hasn’t really done that yet although he is the new black face of global white supremacy. What he has done is trade favors with the elite and their evil and corrupt corporations. That is more of a sellout than anything else. A better term for his behavior might be a “Benedict Arnold to blacks”. It is truly amazing to me how black folk think Obama can make fundamental change when he owes huge favors back to the powers that be.

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