The right to not vote

October 30, 2008

I’m sick and tired of people, especially black people, telling me that I have to vote or I have no right to complain. Of course they also want me to vote for Obama, which is in itself another infraction, just because Obama and me are both black. So what? I don’t hate Obama. I’m just tired of people falling for the corporate duopoly that never really changes anything in America and telling me that I’m wrong when they don’t even know what the hell is going on around them wasting their time watching tv, shopping and partying. That is how the neocons took over the country, on the watch of a bunch of corporate career politicians and distracted, infantile, consumerist Americans. The Democrats now only have a few leftists remaining in the party. The majority of them are centrist neoliberals or right-leaning Bluedogs seeking personal fortune and aggrandizement. We have been duped again, blacks and whites.

Anyone with a brain knows that Obama is a better deal than McCain, even if only marginally. That is not the point. The point is that the right to vote also includes the right to not vote. Remember how Saddam Hussein forced everyone in Iraq to vote but he was the only candidate on the ballot. We will never have 100% voter turnout here because of disillusionment but we effectively have one candidate every four years and it’s corporations represented by two parties fighting over who gets to serve them.

Not voting can send just as strong of a signal as voting since there is no “None of the above” on the ballot. What if no Americans voted because we were fed up with the two party system? Washington wouldn’t know what to do. How would the election be decided? That would send a much stronger signal than capitulating to the duopoly for marginal positive changes, if any. By voting for a Democrat or a Republican you are basically saying that you accept that no real change will or can happen so you will take whatever they give you for now in the hopes that reform can happen. That is weak-minded, delusional and obviously ineffectual. Besides it also assumes that change is always for the better. The reality is that things improve, then get worse and back and forth like that ad infinitum so no progress will ever be made if we do not break the cycle and make a broad leap forward. The system is too rigged for incremental change. If we stand on a platform of love for all people then the policies figure themselves out. Obama supports Israel. How does he call himself a man of god and a man of change when he wants to continue US imperialism and domination of other countries? That is not love. It is evil.

I understand that blacks fought hard for the right to vote but the right to vote is symbolic for the right to be heard. The act itself rarely changes anything but it does give him the feelgood they need to go another four years without doing anything substantive. Voting is great when there are many parties to represent the differing views of the people. It’s also great when your vote actually counts, something becoming dubious in this country with Diebold’s easily hacked electronic voting machines. It doesn’t matter how you voice your opinion as long as it is heard. If I choose to make my statement by not voting then that is my right regardless of the reason. If everyone voted their conscience instead of for the lesser of two evils then we wouldn’t have this two party system to begin with. We’d have third parties who actually represented the people and weren’t blacked out by the mainstream corporate media. The candidates are already chosen by the elite before they are ever presented to us anyway. Americans are not stupid but we are suckers. The elite are playing us like harps at the annual sap’s convention and most of us appear to be ok with it since the elite are not on tv every night telling us about their diabolical plans for world domination.

So don’t tell me I have to vote or I have no right to complain. I have every right to complain whether I vote or not. I am still a US citizen with the right to free speech and no one’s moral ramblings can change that. Black people that reject other blacks who do not support Obama are demonstrating the same pack mentality that whites have toward other races. Nader and McKinney have been doing what Jesus would do for decades and now they are relegated to obscurity because black folk are not listening, reading, researching or rejecting the US exceptionalism. We are now no better than the white men that founded this evil country and God will judge us for that treachery to morality. These megachurches focusing on the “gospel of prosperity” have brainwashed our community into thinking God cares about material possessions.

We have been played by the Democrats for decades and apparently are not ready to give up that role. Now we are just playing ourselves. Just because a redneck conservative might use the N-word doesn’t mean they respect you any less than a liberal yuppie in a suit or Birkenstocks. Racists come in all shapes, sizes and incomes. I hope Obama does bring some positive change to America at home and abroad but it will not be enough. Pulling a knife out of a man’s back two inches doesn’t really help when it’s nine inches deep. When it comes down to it the president cannot create positive change. That comes from within each and every one of us, not a group of egotistical Ivy Leaguers seeking corporate funding and an ahistorical, revisionist legacy.

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  1. Wow! And I thought I was cynical!!! I am Black and do not intend to vote for Obama, but I also realize that if I vote for Nader or Barr, I am voting for Obama as well—these men won’t win. Only by voting for McCain can I effectively vote against Obama and have any hope that it counts. Obama is not the right choice for a Democratic, Capitalist America. I support the republican party for its view on the role of government—expecially, the central government.

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