Why black people really support Obama

October 18, 2008

I used to think, until today in fact, that black people support Obama because he’s black. That’s partially true but not the entire story. Why? Because there have been black presidential candidates before that garnered little support in the black community. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are the two that come to mind. The problem with them is that they were seen as too black, however, and unable to garner support from whites. What does too black mean? Too black means you support black liberation, reparations and anything else to undo the damage done to blacks from slavery over the centuries. White people are monolithically opposed to anything that only benefits black people and many are against anything that benefits blacks at all.

The other reason black people support Obama is because enough whites support him to make him a viable candidate with black support. In other words black people refuse to support candidates on the moral ground of the issues. We have chosen to support Obama because he has a chance of winning because of the financial support of the white powere structure. Now how does that sound? Like MLK said “And some of us by the way we act, we even lost our minds.”

Now this is interesting. White people would always rather have a white candidate than a nonwhite one but the ruling elite, 100% white, have so financially screwed the white middle and lower classes that they are willing to entertain the possibility and reality of a black president. So black people are actually using class warfare against white people who place their personal financial security above racial loyalty to put their man in the White House. This is nothing but a ploy by the Democrats to make sure that black people stay put in the corrupt Democratic Party and don’t start looking at third party alternatives like the Green Party, who get no media coverage whatsoever unless Cynthia McKinney does something that can misconstrued as angry black women behavior like the Capitol police incident while she was still a member of Congress before she was targeted by the Republican machine in her district for doing her performing her job of oversight.

Now black people see black Jesus in Barack Obama. They think he’s taking them to the promised land. Black people fully believe that Obama is lying to whites to get their support and that he is really “down” with them. That is the height of delusion and it falsely assumes that Obama would be able to do whatever he chooses if elected. Obama will always be accountable to the corporate machine of white supremacy. He cannot change the system from within it. If he tries he will be assassinated. In fact he may be assassinated anyway by crazed rednecks and skinheads who still believe, list most Americans, that race can actually make one superior or inferior to others. Either way Obama has white people who will keep him in check and make sure he tows the line of corporatism. If black people somehow benefit from Obama’s programs then whites will have to benefit more or else Obama will turn a deaf ear to blacks. Wait and see. It’s going to be hilarious and sad at the same time when blacks realize they got duped on race just like rednecks got duped on Bush’s folksiness. Black people should know better than to trust a black man in sheep’s clothing but Obama’s gravitas has them mesmorized beyond belief.

So the answer to my question “Why do black people support Obama?” is “Because white people do.” That should give us all pause. When have black and white people ever supported anything together that was ultimately beneficial for blacks? Maybe this will be a first just like the Twin Towers and WTC7 being the first  steel frame structured buildings to collapse from fire all on the same day. Wake up people.

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