The Curse of Christianity

October 13, 2008

White people have never done anything that directly and only benefited blacks without receiving something greater in return in exchange. Never. And they never will. The norm is for whites to receive something and for blacks to get nothing. On rare occasions blacks will get something, like professional athletes and musicians do, while whites get even more, like the owners of professional sports teams and the CEOs of record companies. Blacks never benefit without disproportionate white benefit. Whenever blacks do benefit in some small way then we are plastered all over the media to make poor and middle class whites jealous so they will forget about the white people in the background, sports team owners, CEOs and stockholders of record companies, who are raking in hundreds of times more money than their black front men. Nothing makes a poor white man angrier than a rich black man. That is America: home of the tv and land of the slave.

There is almost no black person in America that would dispute what I have just said. Whites never do anything to benefit us unless they get the long end of the stick. But the truth is useless unless it is applied to real life circumstances. Blacks were converted from our African religion somewhat by force and somewhat willingly. Over time we lost knowledge of our religion, culture and god as we became part of America’s failed experiment. Even though we have been derelict in our duties to preserve our African heritage there was also great pressure and proselytizing by whites to convert us to Christianity. Why? Because Christianity is white nationalism. That’s why whites can sleep at night while the military is overseas killing foreigners and stealing their natural resources. Whites consider this an acceptable loss for material gain. This is not how black people and African people naturally think, feel and behave.

We are not like white people. Whites are obsessed with hierarchy, wars, possessions and personal aggrandizement. Their culture is poison to humanity. That is why this country is falling apart as we speak. Whites always set up a pecking order and allow corruption to destroy their empires. History always repeats itself with whites because they never learn anything because they think they are so great that they can overcome their negatives which they view as positives. Capitalism is the world’s greatest killer because it allows men in power to do whatever they want and that is always to maintain an advantage over others. Why then did blacks willingly accept the religion of a people who have never meant anything but harm to us? It boggles my mind. I understand how trying the times were in the post-slavery era but one must understand that religion is a tool of the powerful over those without power. That’s all. The rich want us to live moral lives while they live theirs pursuing completely selfish goals at our expense. That is the modern function of religion, to make us feel bad or guility when we operate purely out of selfishness like them.

Christianity should have been patently rejected as soon as whites offered it to blacks. I’m not saying that the religion itself doesn’t have some good in it. It had to or else no one would have accepted it but it is also a sick twisted religion of sadism, homophobia, racism and sexism. Whites view it completely differently from blacks. Whites see Christianity as a reflection of white supremacy and solidarity, a reflection of themselves. Blacks see it as a form of redemption, as if we really have anything to be forgiven for after hundreds of years of slavery, torture and murder at the hands of the whites. You cannot take your oppressor’s tool for your enslavement and turn it into a positive. That is impossible. It’s like turning the word “nigger” into a positive. It cannot be done. Christianity, regardless of what it claims to be, is a religion of, for and by whites. It’s purpose is to enslave the minds of its converts so that they are not a threat to white power and hegemony. That is why there are so many missionaries in African.

It is human for many people to embrace religion when times are tough but it is suicide to embrace the religion of your oppressor who does not wish you well. Black people need to revert back to our African roots, not just Kwaanzaa or Juneteenth or watch night service, mere symbols of blackness. We need to completely reformulate and re-establish African culture within these Dis-United States. If we do not we will perish with whites as part of this American machine of global exploitation as the rest of the world seeks revenge for decades of US military dominance of ther countries via hundreds of military bases, CIA sponsored terror, puppet governments and the like.

Blacks are not to blame for what this country has done to the world and we should not stand as false patriots with whites who clearly do not give a damn whether we live or die. If they did they would have paid reparations by now, stopped the genocides in Africa and provided the cure for AIDs, which was created to depopulate Africa. It is much easier to free one’s body from enslavement than one’s mind. We are still practicing mental chattel slavery today on ourselves in a futile attempt to assimilate with whites to enjoy the fruits of white exploitation of others. If there was a Jesus, and that is doubtful, he would cast us out from him for our complicity in the global crimes of Anglo Saxons. Blacks then really would be cursed like Ham.


  1. G-money,
    I’m impressed…. I truly appreciate the enlightenment. It is desparately need. Man, time brings on many changes…

    Listen, please email me… I believe there is going to be a reunion on EvanShire this weekend Sat. 18th
    I’ll give you details in the email…


    Oh… Just to get your opinion, what do you think of Eddie Long… You know he grew up in same hood as we did… Off of Trinity rd.

  2. I agree that Christianity is a bane to the Black community, but then again, I believe that religion is the opium of the masses, ala Marx. People just need to think for themselves, we do not need religion to bring us community or to bind us, we just need some common-damn-sense. While African religions do interest me, I think that living as your own person, not motivated by somebody else’s book or somebody else’s creed, is what Blacks need to succeed.

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