Tired of “Existence of God” arguments

October 12, 2008

Many books have been written. Debates have been held. Faith has been shaken. Faith has been strengthened but the essence of the argument against God remains. In fact it isn’t an argument against God. It’s an argument against the love of God. I don’t care if God exists or not if God doesn’t care if I exist or not. Why? Because either way it’s the same outcome for humanity. Whatever causes things to happen, (we still haven’t figured out quantum mechanics), is what will cause them to happen and they are unavoidable and at this time unknowable.

No human can or possibly ever will know, at least without a lot more evolution, if a God exists. Perhaps one day if we figure out one exists we can also figure out how to contact it and ask it questions. In all likelihood no one would answer because God just doesn’t care. That is not to say God doesn’t care about anything. It just doesn’t care about us. That should be abundantly apparent to anyone whose life if roughly half good luck and half bad luck, although we perceive it one way more than the other. Humans filter positive and negative through our own selfish lens. Winning the lottery isn’t good. We perceive it as good because we get to spend money and not work, two things highly valued in America and many other places in the world.

If religious people want me to believe that God cares about humanity then I want an explanation for all of the suffering given that fact that an all powerful God could stop it instantly and I want a real reason and not the ubiquitous “God works in mysterious ways” or “It’s all part of his master plan”. Was African slavery part of the plan too? Many Christians believe we have to suffer to earn our way into heaven. Why? If we are transformed at death then why would we need to value having suffered in this life? If that is true God is a sadist and a torturer, not a God of love. Just because religious people can’t deal with the fact that we are an evolved species that will eventually die out like the rest that is no excuse give credence to the benevolence of an entity that may not even exist, and almost assuredly does not exist in the paternal fashion that humans view it. Religion is just a horrible way of dealing with the unknown. God is not our father. That is a human custom. Parenting and proceation are products of evolution and survival, not the cosmos. Surely a sane person can see that.

Religion is not logical but believers take that as a compliment. It isn’t meant to be one. That is why it is pointless to debate believers. They are wrong. They have always been wrong and they will always be wrong. You don’t see believers driving off cliffs hoping God will save them from plummetting to their deaths do you? Why? Because they know they will die and it will in all likelihood be very painful. Where is their faith on gravity? Why do religious people adhere to scientific principles if their God can violate them at will and intercede on their behalf through prayer? If God’s will is going to be done how arrogant is it to ask that something outside of that be done for our personal aggrandizement? Religion is not only illogical and foolish. It is also extremely narcissistic. Humans have since their beginning overestimated their value in this universe, white people moreso than any other group. What we believe to be true and reality are never the same. It is a shame that our species will perish having come no further than this.

Blak Rant

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