My personal 9/11 unanswered questions

September 28, 2008

This isn’t even all of them. It’s all I could fit on one page to hand out to people. We are supposed to believe that all of these are coincidental anomalies? No debunker has the answer for all of them. That’s their problem. If they don’t have an answer then they jst chalk it up to the “nutjob” conspiracy theorists, which in reality are themselves.

1) Why did Larry Silverstein purchase failing property in the months leading up the incident and have it specially insured against terrorist incidents?

2) What was the purpose of all the construction on the upper floors of all three buildings in the days before 9/11?

3) Why were the buildings closed (lights out) in the days leading up to 9/11?

4) Why was Bush’s brother and a cousin in charge of security at WTC?

5) Why is Bin Laden treated in an American hospital in Dubai and visited by the CIA in the days before the attack?

6) Why did Bush sit there in that classroom for six minutes with that strange look on his face when the Secret Service should have been immediately relocated him since his present location was well publicized by the media, making him vulnerable to assassination by the so-called terrorists?

7) Why were Bush and Cheney allowed to testify together, not under oath and with no recording or transcripts during the 9/11 Commission?

8) Why was Bush insider and Rice confidante Philip Zelikow put in charge of the 9/11 Commission?

9) Why does the commission ignore the fact that Norman Mineta’s testimony directly conflicts with White House claims?

10) Why did the buildings fall at freefall speed, actually accelerating, with no resistance from below?

11) Why do we see and onlookers feel explosions right before the collapse with squibs being ejected from the sides of the buildings ahead of the collapse along with explosions all over the building as the collapse proceeds?

12) Why are there human remains still being found on adjacent buildings far away if there were no bomb explosions?

13) Why did the reinforced core collapse? It was a completely separate fixture from the floors themselves.

14) Why was all the evidence removed by FEMA before NIST or anyone could examine it?

15) How could fire have weakened the buildings if they weren’t hot enough or even burned for very long, as evidenced by the intense smoke, characteristic of fuel starved fires?

16) Why have buildings constructed like this never collapsed from fire before?

17) Why did the buildings collapse from plane impacts when they were constructed to withstand just such impacts?

18) Why would upper impacts bring a building down when it is know that the only way to demolish a building is to destabilize the foundation?

19) How could the debris be pulverized unless there were planted explosions?

20) Why was there molten metal found at the base of each collapse if the fire was not hot enough to cause it?

21) Why are the columns at the base of the buildings cut at angles that are frequently seen in controlled demolitions?

22) If the building pancaked then why was there no mangled heap of floors and debris?

23) Why does the dust cloud and particulate matter match every controlled demolition implosion and volcanic eruption known to man?

24) Why were the fires still burning in all three buildings from the molten metal in the basement weeks after the attack?

25) Are we supposed to believe that WTC7 is the first building in history, according to NIST and the official report, to have collapsed solely from small, isolated fires?

26) Why did Larry Silverstein say he gave the command to “pull it” and then later say he was referring to the firefighters when that is clearly a demolition term and no firefighters were ever in the building?

27) Why does a live BBC reporter say the building has been brought down minutes before it actually did come down?

28) Why does Rudy Guiliani tell everyone that the building is about to come down if it was an accident?

29) Why is the NIST’s official report on WTC7 still not released after five years?

30) Why do we not have full access to all of the Pentagon impact footage from cameras?

31) Why was that section of the Pentagon building recently reinforced prior to 9/11?

32) Why was there no damage to the Pentagon front lawn?

33) Why was all the debris collected and removed before anyone could analyze it?

34) Why was the entire Pentagon front lawn dug up and overturned before anyone could examine it?

35) Where are the plane fragments from the Pentagon impact?

36) Why is the hole in the Pentagon from the impact so small?

37) Where are the human remains from the Pentagon?

38) How did amateur pilot, Hani Hanjour, with only a few hundred hours manage to pilot a Boeing 757 into the Pentagon?

39) It was not possible to make reliable cell phone calls from airplanes on 9/11/2001 so how is it possible we have several full length conversations with no dropping or static on United Flight 93?

40) Why do the people on those conversations on United Flight 93 speak to each other using their full names when they are supposed to be close friends, relatives and spouses?

41) Why is the United Flight 93 debris field so large? Some pieces of the plane were found several miles away.

42) Where are the human remains from the crash of United Flight 93’?

43) Why is there so little debris from United Flight 93 and why was no one allowed to examine it?

44) Why does a Flight 93 land in Cleveland shortly after the purported crash of United 93 and only after that airport had been evacuated?

45) Who do firefighters and people inside the buildings all recount multiple series of explosions in WTC1 and WTC2?

46) Why does some man on the scene of the towers immediately suggest to reporters that the buildings collapsed because of the plane collisions and the subsequent heat from the fires like he was some expert on the subject?

47) Initial media coverage said that these collapses were controlled demolitions but it was never repeated after the first day. Why?

48) Why does the media refuse to cover this plethora of anomalies?

49) Why do politicians run away from Americans demanding a real investigation? Have they not seen this overwhelming evidence or are they complicit in this heinous crime?

50) Why were we running airplane attack scenarios the same day of the attacks?

51) Why does Cheney say his order to stand down remains?

52) Why does the official story have the timing of events that day completely distorted?

53) Bin Laden initially says he had nothing to do with 9/11 but then later accepts responsibility. Most, if not all, of the Al Qaeda tapes have been proven to be obvious forgeries.

54) Al Qaeda had neither the opportunity nor access to plant the bombs that caused these implosions so who did?

55) Why are several of the nineteen alleged hijackers known to be alive and well living overseas?

56) Why does Bush have Ground Zero air proclaimed to be safe when it still had many times the safe level of asbestos and other toxic matter in the air? Many of those workers have developed lung illnesses or have died.

57) What happned to some of the gold that was stored under the Towers? Only part of it has been accounted for.

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