God help us? I doubt it……….

September 28, 2008

With the economy about to completely collapse from the financial meltdown and intentional devaluation of the dollar many people are throwing their hands up and asking God for help and forgiveness. We say that the problem in America is that we don’t make anything anymore. I say it’s that we don’t do anything anymore. Religious people have completely undermined and weakened the fabric of our society with their cosmic pleas for help that fall on, not deaf ears, but no ears at all. Their pleas for assistance lead nowhere but to inaction, furthering the cause of our elite oppressors. God, even if one is listening, does not give a demonstrable damn about our money system, our 401k’s, our gasoline crunch, food prices or any of the myriad of problems that are now plaguing us. This just shows how doomed we really are. People no longer believe there is anything that we can do. We have become completely reliant on an apathetic God and a homocidal government whose sole purpose is to maintain and expand power for the elite wherever possible.

I listen to Alex Jones a few times a week. He knows exactly what the elite are up to but in his most dire moments he makes these same useless pleas to God that do absolutely no good. Besides, if the Bible is true, (It isn’t. It’s been proven historically inaccurate in hundreds of passages), then shouldn’t we be expecting things to get horrible right before the end when Jesus returns? Why even fight it in that case? This is the logic that the Christian fundamentalists use in their support for Israel. The sooner Israel is safe for Jews all over the world, the sooner Jesus can return and kill 144,000 of them and establish his Kingdom on Earth. Human beings are some superstitious creatures. I like when George Carlin said “We’re barely out of the jungle.” He was right. We’re still using mostly our lower brain functions which inevitably lead to conflict, war, death and destruction.

If anyone can save us from this mess the elite have purposefully created it will be nonbelievers. It will be people like me who want to live on because we know this is probably the only time we will experience consciousness this way for all of eternity. I will never again be reassembled in my current form. My molecules will eventually be spread all over the universe once the Earth is engulfed by the sun. Nonbelievers, including myself, need to stop being so independent and start forming alliances all over the world to stop these psychotic, irrational, illogical and delusional religious nutjobs. Even the elite themselves practice Luciferianism whereby they believe they can draw power from parallel dimensions through numerology and other such nonsense. The elite are in power because their parents had power from warmongering before us and left itto their heirs. There is no evidence that anything supernatural has any influence in this plane of existence, if others really do exist.

Human hopelessness is so intense at times that it causes us to believe in things that we cannot sense with the five senses evolution gave us. I have no reason to not trust my senses. They got me this far and they are all we have. We can streghthen them through technology, like microscopes and telescopes extend our visual capabilities, but we are still stuck with five, and it’s really four if you count taste and smell as one. It is indeed a grievous moment when you realize that your species is incapable of saving itself. It would literally take a miracle for that to happen and perhaps that is why believers expect just that. They too realize that mankind’s tendency toward self-destruction will one day be his undoing and that day looms ever closer. How much longer can we prolong what has become a futile and useless existence? Americans consume. That is all we do. We dig things up. The Chinese assemble them and we consume them. We are of no use to anyone or anything on the planet. In fact we have become the bane of nature. It’s just like Agent Smith said in the Matrix when he was interrogating Morpheus: “Human beings are a disease.” We are a virus on the planet. We consume and consume until nothing is left and then spread to another area. Well what happens when you run out of areas to spread to? Nature’s remedy for useless and destructive lifeforms is apparent. The balance will be restored. The  only question is will humans do it or will nature force it through human extermination. I’m not optimistic.

Blak Rant

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