Are 9/11 debunkers participating in cover-up?

September 27, 2008

Every time I see a debate between someone like Richard Gage or David Lee Griffin and some loser like Michael Shermer, founder of Skeptic magazine, it pisses me off. First of all these people for the most part are not idiots. They may be conservatives but they are not ignorant of the laws of physics, although they pretend to be on Sundays. They know that the Twin Towers collapsed at free fall speed and that that was impossible without explosives having been planted. They know the temperatures of the fires were not hot enough to melt, weaken or deform steel and that the molten metal in the basement of both Twin Towers and WTC7 was a clear indicator that thermite was used. On top of all that, they know that it would take incredible forces to pulverize the buildings which is what we saw instead of huge chunks of pancaked floors. They know those forces were produced by planted explosives and that those explosives could not have been planted by Bin Laden and crew in three of the most secure buildings in the world.

So if these people understand physics and logic then they must be knowingly going along with the official lie they know to be false. That means one of two things: 1) They are on the payroll of someone involved in the attack like Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or this government or 2) Their lives have been threatened if they don’t go along with the official lie. Perhaps even both. Any way you look at it it’s quite disturbing. When no one is held accountable by the law you have anarchy. When only the rich are not held accountable you have tyranny and despotism. Accountability is only for the masses now.

9/11 truthers should do whatever is necessary to establish a link between the real conspirators and these shillers for the coverup. They are not even true debunkers because their alternative explanations violate the laws of physics. They should not even be interviewed or acknowledged as credible sources of evidence and information. They are paid quacks.  No more. No less. Eventually one of them is going to slip up and leave something lying around that clearly establishes the paper trail to the actual perpetrators of this crime against humanity. They are all guilty of conspiracy to cover up and aiding and abetting. It is treason to assist someone who has committed treason. These people are all traitors and once their involvment is proven it is going to bring a quick end to this ongoing debacle and media blackout. America is paying attention.

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