There Are Only Three Types Of Women To Men

September 17, 2008

There are only three types of women in the world to most straight men. Men know this subconsciously and act on it but women don’t understand it one bit so I’m going to help you out. First the are two categories of women: the ones men want to sleep with and the ones we don’t. It is based purely on physical attraction because that’s all men or women have to go on at first before getting to know someone. The second category of women we want to sleep with is divided into two subcategories: the ones we want to have a relationship with and the ones we just want to have sex with and remain friends with for the next we’re horny.

We have really cheapened ourselves in this country. Relationships have become a disposable commodity in line with the corporatism of the day that is destroying the planet. No wonder so many people walk around with so much emotional baggage. Once it happens to you many people turn around and do the same thing to someone else, creating a permanent supply of emotionally abused people who can do little to benefit society because they are always caught up in their own emotional maelstroms.

Women need to figure out which category they have been put in when they meet a guy they like. Why? Because there is little category mobility much like the social and economic classes in this country. Once you are in a category you are pretty much staying there. Some women are able to move back and forth between the “would not have sex with” category and the “will have non-relationship sex with” category if they improve their physical appearance or the guy changes lowers his standards. The latter happens all the time when guys get drunk and/or high and it is responsible for the majority of people alive today in the so-called civilized, industrial world. No woman can go from the “want to have non-relationship sex with” category to the “want to have a relationship with” category because men don’t operate that way. Women are under the false impression that having sex with a man before commitment will hurt the chances of a long term relationship. That is utterly false. The man already knows if you are long term material even before the sex. My longest relationships have been with women I had sex with on the first night, although I am somewhat of a different beast. Women operate in basically the same way when it comes to first impressions. They can never be changed unless the person blacks out or develops amnesia.

All I see these days is women going back and forth between the “would have non-relationship sex with”, otherwise known as NSA (no strings attached) or FWB (friends with benefits) and “would not have sex with” categories by dressing slutty around drunk, high, horny men at clubs mostly and women unsuccessfully trying to turn friends with benefits into a long term, loving relationship. It ain’t gonna happen……ever. These are lifetime appointments like Supreme Court justices. Women create so much drama for themselves by trying to be a long term relationship female to a man that has them locked into the “friends with benefits” category. Women that want long term relationships need to find men that regard them as long term relationship material and start over but what usually happens is women get comfortable with being an emotionally void sex object and are unable to form new relationships because they stay tethered to a man who will never love them completely or at all. How very sad for them.

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