White fear of overt racism

September 13, 2008

Nothing is more duplicitous and disingenuous than someone who is afraid to reveal what they really are to other people. Most white people say they are not racist even though they partake in a system that is racist and receive undeserved privilege from the same. Doing so constitutes passive racism in itself but whites need to feel as though they have moved beyond race even though they haven’t because of the tremendous shame they feel for practicing behavior they feel is reserved for poor rednecks. It is meaningless to change one’s actions without changing one’s thoughts as well but this is the paradigm of race in America. Let’s take a look at why whites need to feel as though they are not racist.

Middle and upper class whites rarely demonstrate overt racism because they feel that is reserved for lower class whites so it is not done out of respect for blacks but merely as a symbol of economic stratification to separate themselves from what they consider “poor white trash”. Malcolm X once said “I have more respect for a man who let me know where he stands, even if he’s wrong, then the one that comes up like an angel and is nothing but a devil.”

Moreover, political correctness in this country has caused a lot of resentmen amongst working class whites who used to be able to vent their hatred of blacks directly on them and other nonwhite groups. Now there is a unbreakable veneer of politeness and civility that must be adhered to lest whites suffer the financial consequences of overt racism. Many whites do not even realize when they have crossed the line because they are unable to separate their thoughts from their behavior. Look at what happened to Don Imus. Look at what happened to Trent Lott. Neither of them thought they had done anything wrong. White people fear being honest because they know it may come at a heavy price and money is the top priority of most Americans, but especially those who have always had it until the recent widening gap between the rich and the poor. Simply put, poor whites do not feel that they should have to respect black people because our ancestors were slaves and they view us in the same light from racist indoctrination from birth. They want things the way they were when they had no legal obligation to observe the rights of the black community even when the law said otherwise.

There are usually no financial consequences for poor whites using racial epithets in private or even amongst their peers although there are psychological consequences. Even when whites disagree with the racist comment few are likely to object to it. All this does is increase the level of resentment in whites by making them comfortable in that environment only to be stifled with political correctness on the job come Monday when other races are present. Of course they still make racist statements when those groups are not around but they believe there is no damage when it’s done in private. The truth is it is damaging whether it’s done in public or private. At least when it’s done in private it only hurts the racist and not their intended target. That is all that political correctness can afford us, stifling of the internalized hatred of poor whites who have been victimized by the very system their ancestors helped to erect.

I believe that nothing scares white people more than being poor except black men having sex with white women. Whites will go to extreme lengths to avoid appearing poor. Money and wealth are the true religion of most Americans. This love of money, even amongst poor whites, usually supersedes or at least matches their hatred of blacks and other nonwhites. There are exceptions of course, namely groups like the KKK, skinheads and the Aryan Nation. They have nothing to lose as they have already been marginalized by society and the mainstream. These groups and other poor whites blame their poverty on blacks. They maintain their blind racial loyalty and overlook their own exploitation at the hands of wealthy whites who could care less about them as long as they keep voting Republican.

For centuries black people had to pretend that we didn’t hate our masters and other whites while they we were slaves and even in the post-slavery era up to the present. Now it seems the shoe is on the other foot and poor whites are being forced to pretend they don’t hate blacks and other nonwhite groups. This is probably just another tactic of the global elite to keep the races divided so that we never unite against them because they fear the solidarity we once had. Racial division is and has always been the most effective tactic and tool of the elite and it appears that will remain so for the foreseeable future.

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  1. If a white person was to give such an insightful description of what black people feel, think, fear, desire, worship, etc I would say the author is:

    1. …a racist or excessive racialist who is guilty of the most absurd racial stereotyping.

    2. …is totally preoccupied with racism to a degree that denies logical thinking.

    3. …is ignorant of history

    4. …must be a real bore to be around.

    I am native American and come from a Shawnee clan that onced helped black people who ran during slavery. I do look like what racialist, like this blog author, would call a white person; however, I might well be married to a black woman today if the black Muslims, who had a building next to her mother’s beauty shop, had not convinced me that it was too dangerous for me to come on that street with Janelle. I chickened out and simply stopped seeing her. Her mother and especially her grandmother were obviously strained by the situation, and I saw only problems with our future together.

    After that, I attempted to overlook my feeling that some kind of racial resentment and even hatred was behind the way these black people, except Janelle, were treating me. (Janelle kept telling me that everything she had been told about white guys had been wrong. We really hit it off. I would explain to her that I was native American,not white, however, she continued to see me as a white Indian.)

    The fact is, however, that I have seen and experienced this “black resentment and hatred” toward me in many ways since then. It is only recently, however, that I had reason to revaluate how I feel about people like this blog author.

    Lady blog person, you are dangerous and a hate monger, and helping to divide America in a very distructive manner.

    Recently, I was sitting in restaurant in the lobby on a stool in sweat cloths, waiting for my order, when 5 were well dresses black men can in. After a few moments they surrounded me and began to tell me that I no longer have any power. I am 68 years old.
    They were in their twenties. The men attempted to intimidate me for oviously racial reasons, not realizing that I am not white by their description.

    I simply smiled at the absurdity I was witnessing and wished I had a weapon to strike down the black racist. I could only call on an favorite ancestor to curse their future time on mother Earth. (I now arm myself for such occasions and look forward to a second event; there will be great surprise and sorrow on their part.)

    So now I am armed and fed up with Black racism. I am now forced to join with my white brothers and sisters as we begin to form the American White Tribe. What are called White people are now becoming a minority in America. Perhaps we native Americans can help guide them in their new journey.

    The Tribalization of American is beginning. There will be the Hispanic Tribe, the Black Tribe, The Asian Tribe, and the White Tribe. America is beginning to decline in the world.

    The White Tribe will turn to spiritual matters and leave the mess in America to the other Tribes to fight over. Black people have no insight or understanding of the true spirituality of White people or of their spiritual destiny. All black people can do is follow white or Arab religions, or rip off something like black liberation theology based on a misrepresentation of the actual religion.

    I wonder why Blacks reject African religions…maybe because of where the lead. The real Black religion is racial resentment and hatred. Black Heaven is having what White people have.

    The misunderstanding, resentment, ignorance offered in this blog will help speed up the process of dividing the country into separate tribes. Rant on Black Sister, oops! …I forgot, people who look white cannot be a sister or brother to an authentic 100% black person like this author.

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