Doubting 9/11 and Depopulation

September 13, 2008

Many Americans dismiss the 9/11 truth movement based solely on the fact that they don’t believe the government would do such a horrible thing. What will 99% of men and women not do for money? There is no atrocity that cannot be purchased if the price is high enough. Americans are commodity fetishists and we will usually sell out to the highest bidder. We have no loyalty to anything or anyone but ourselves and the accumulation of wealth. Most of us believe that what we have makes up who we are so it makes perfect sense that men and women can be bought and truth silenced on a dime. History is replete with examples of so-called false flag terrorism where governments kill their own and then blame another group or country to generate support for going to war. Who do you think acutally conducts the operations? The people that have been bought off. Some of them don’t even realize their part but many do. If history is full of these examples then why do some Americans persist in their belief that 9/11 was not an example when the evidence is so overwhelming?

The only explanation is that the disbelievers believe that they are exceptions to the rule. Americans operate under psychological exceptionalism. It’s why we don’t care about dead Iraqis, Haitians and genocide in Africa. It’s a form of narcissism blended with white supremacy. Black people know that we are expendable in this country but whites still think that their skin matters even at the level of the federal government and beyond. I will admit that the elite do despise black people. That’s why they had AIDS engineered specifically to bind to two genetic receptors present almost exclusively in blacks. However, the elite also despise the white middle and lower classes. They are being killed off as well with depopulation techniques such as cancerous vaccines, chemtrails, water fluorination, toxic chemicals in food, sunscreens that promote melanoma, etc. The elite believe they are a separate and superior species and therefore view the rest of humanity with incredible disdain. Whites are clinging to their white privilege as bad as blacks are clinging to the false hope mantra of Obama.

Every little bit helps when it comes to killing for the elite. You might say “What’s the big deal about killing 3000 people?” If they want depopulation of 80% of the earth inhabitants then they could just start a plague. Well actually that is on their agenda. Why do you think we heard so much about ebola and bird flu for a while. They were obviously testing the waters. The elite are a very patient group. They sit back and watch their poison slowly kill off millions of people. Think of all the people that have died from cancer. Cancer is a death sentence is malignant. Chemotherapy is designed to kill people once they have cancer so it only makes cancer that much more effective. Think about all the wars that are started in other countries that kill people everyday. Think about people that die from starvation or lack of potable water from manipulation of the food supply. We are having droughts all over the world. Add all of these dead and dying people from around the world up and you have hundreds of millions of people that are needlessly dying. The elite’s plan is working.

At the same time the elite are killing us off they are ensuring that we do not over-reproduce as well. Women are being given cervical cancer vaccine that sterilize them. Planned Parenthood has been encouraging blacks for decades to abort their babies. Births in Europe are in serious and dramatic decline so much so in Russia that they have created a holiday where men and women are given the day off to have procreative sex. Cell phones and our toxic diets are decreasing sperm count in men. Family structures have basically collapsed so that even when a couple has children they grow up in unstable environements and as a result are of little use to society as adults except to fuel the prison industrial complex or otherwise serve the empire.

All over the world people are being brainwashed to put career above family, health and personal fulfillment all to the detriment of humanity and benefit to corporations. Not only are the elite killing us but by following their orders are we are also killing ourselves. A recent study showed a dramatic increase in the number of American males getting vasectomies. American women have been so psychologically damaged and twisted by living under hypercapitalism, rabid consumerism and female objectification that males no longer consider them marriageable. I am one of them. American men are looking for foreign women for relationships and American women for one night stands or friends with benefits. This obviously also contributes to depopulation because there are not enough foreign women here to satisfy all of the American men and not many American men can afford to move overseas to find emotionally healthy and marriageable women to produce stable families. Instead men are dragged into court in American to have their paternal rights stripped away or vastly limited. Our money is taken away so that women can find the bad boy that gives them orgasms but doesn’t want a stable relationship with them.

Notwithstanding, the planet is indeed overpopulated. We need to figure out ways to promote responsible reproduction. Poor people have far too many children leading to more poverty. The elite are patient but the are not so patient as to wait on couples to voluntarily limit themselves to one child. They are also not willing to wait on reproduction laws like the ones in China. They want to accelerate the death rate and decelerate the birth rate so that they kill us from both ends. Their plan is succeeding to an extent but they realize that the ravages of corporatism have produced an unsustainable environment . When the numbers of humans is sufficiently reduced this way of life may still not be infinitely sustainable but it will definitely last much longer with 80% of humanity dead. And that is what the elite are doing…….buying time by buying death. They want time for their well-funded, psychotic scientists with twelve Phds to figure out how to arrest the aging process and even how to integrate human flesh with technology like in the Terminator movies. They are all part of the futurism movement. The elite want to live forever and they think there is power in their occult practices that give them insight beyond that of normal humans. They believe they are  doing us a favor by ridding us of the burden of our miserable lives. Take heed. The end has always been near but now it is upon us and closing fast. Resist or die. There is no god or saviour coming to aid us.

Blak Rant

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