9/11 in America: Fear? Shame? Apathy? Denial? All of the above

September 9, 2008

It has been seven years since the false flag of 9/11 was perpetrated against the American people to generate the fear needed to start an illegal and genocidal war for Iraqi oil. All polls now show that most Americans either believe the government knew 9/11 was going to happen and did nothing or that they actually participated in the crime itself. A simple perusal of a tiny fraction of the evidence proves that it had to be the second scenario. They did NOT just know and do nothing about it whatever you may believe happened.

So if all these people are fairly certain that their government was complicit in the murder of Americans why are they not rioting in the streets and marching on Washington? It’s a complicated and individualized issue. However, I believe that Americanss are suffering from a plethora of mental illnesses and media psyops that have put them into this state of mind. It is a mixture of Hitler’s Big Lie, shock and awe, consumerism, infantilism, hyperindividualism, nativism, white supremacy, fear, feelings of powerlessness and denial but mostly it’s a refusal to accept that things are as bad as the really are because they don’t appear bad on the outside, only in our minds.

Americans have the most meaningless definition of freedom. We think because we can walk around outside, go on weekend trips and vacation, go to the mall and dine out that we have freedom. That has nothing to do with freedom. They can do the same things in China’s totalitarian state. We are beginning to see the fruits of the dereliction of our civic duties. We are being fed lies 24/7 from the media and not just truthbending anymore. I’m talking about boldface lies that defy and attempt to redefine reality. Orwell knew this day would come. Public education is a joke today. Kids are indoctrinated into being good little patriots which means not to question authority and that the United States is always the good guy no matter who dies. Foreigners are not to be trusted. They are jealous of our way of life, our modern day amenities, the things we foolishly value. Television is our enemy because it is precisely how the elite program us to do their bidding.

I hate to say it but there is much less concern about the false flag of 9/11 from women and non-white communities. I know they have other struggles on their minds but what is more important than exposing the greatest crime of the century to save us from madmen? There is nothing more important. Our priorities are so out of whack here that perhaps we will get what we deserve. Well I don’t deserve it. I’m ready to storm the White House and the Capitol right now but with no strength in numbers I’d be shot, tortured, imprisoned and rendered to Syria. This system is thoroughly rigged. It is also compartmentalized. Some people probably still don’t realize that they aided and abetted the perpetrators of 9/11, who in case you didn’t know are Israel, the US, Pakistan, Britain and China. No Saudi Arabia is not on that list despite the FBI’s bogus claim that fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were from there. Five of the hijackers they claim were responsible for 9/11 have turned up living overseas and just hunky dory. Of course they lie and say that those people just had identical names even though the photos match perfectly. Do you see the type of people we’re dealing with here? They know Americans are brainwashed and hopeless. Pretty soon up will be down and red will be blue.

This is not a drill nor some Hollywood fantasy. The people that run the world want to kill you and your families, plain and simple. Why? Depopulation. Simply put there are too many people on the planet but instead of controlling birth rates the elite want to kill 80% of the world’s population through disease, famine and wars so there are enough natural resources for them and those who remain who will be their slaves. When Americans hear this they say to themselves “I have two choices. I can act like my life is in danger because it is and take the appropriate action to prevent this or I can pretend that the facts are being overstated and exaggerated. Surely those in power have better things to do than to exterminate mankind. Plus they need us to run this machine.” This is the fatal mistake Americans routinely make. We dismiss the claims as bogus simply because we place too high a value on our contribution to society. It is not about what we contribute. It is about what those in power value. The elite place value on nothing except power and control. They have hundreds of trillions of dollars in Swiss accounts. The pursuit of it no longer titillates them. They want control……control of everything including every human on the planet.

Americans lead a life of consumption from birth to death. We are a tool of the elite. Is this the most that we expect from life? The continuation of this emptiness? We can forge a better world than this and remove those from power who would and are doing harm to us and our loved ones. We need millions of people ready to fight, not a few hundred, a few thousand or even tens and hundreds of thousands. If you won’t do it for yourself then do it for the people you love. I won’t paint a pretty picture. There will be loss of life when the elite find out we have the numbers to dethrone them but true freedom always comes with a price. If we ever restore it we must guard it vigilantly like a newborn baby.

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