Turn off the mainstream media

September 8, 2008

I’ve had it with the mainstream media. Maybe some of them don’t know they are peddling lies but plenty of them do. They do it for their salaries and their benefits all to the detriment of the American people, who are already underinformed. Misinformation is the worse thing that can happen to the underinformed because they are like a dry sponge and will listen to any fantasy the corporate media can dream up.

On my blog you can find all kinds of links that tell you the truth, the ultimate truth, that people are conspiring and have been conspiring for centuries to depopulate the planet by 80%. Where do you think cancer, AIDS and diabetes all came from within a 40 year period. Why do you think we’re putting fluoride in our drinking water when it’s been proven it doesn’t prevent tooth decay? Why are we always at war with other countries falsely in the name of democracy. The money masters or central bankers own and run everything but many of the tasks of depopulation are compartmentalized. That means people have no idea why they are doing what they are doing. All they know is they have to do it to get a paycheck and yet they are all contributing to the demise of most of humanity, including themselves and their loved ones.

We have to turn off the tv and read people. Read the truth. If you’re not sure what’s true ask someone that knows or at least someone that knows more than you. I’m so tired of hearing the media repeat over and over that Russia invaded South Ossetia. They did not. That is a boldface lie and I hear it parroted on tv and radio every goddamn day!!! Georgia invaded South Ossetia with the aid of the US just to provoke this conflict. This is the same type of false flag operation that was orchestrated on 9/11 but obviously to a greater extent. We are being manipulated psychologically by the elite who have spent billions on scientific research to find out exactly what makes the masses tick. They repeat lies over and over until we believe them akin to Hitler’s Big Lie propaganda. This is straight from the Nazi playbook that Orwell talked about in 1984. Turn off the mainstream media folks. It’s all lies and it’s all bad for you.

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